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Papa Kartari Yoga

The Papa Kartari Yoga is a significant yoga that brings about quite a few negative influences. The Surya (Sun), Mangal (Mars), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu are considered as malefic planets in Vedic astrology. So any house that comes in between these planets, has to bear the burden of their negative influences.


“Paapa” means sins and “Kartari” means scissors so this yoga is indicated as the scissor of past sins cutting away the positivities in life. The effects of this yoga are often explained from the perspective of the Karmic theory. The negative effects of Papa Kartari Yoga range from ill health and negative behaviour to excessive desires. This yoga also plays an important role in case of delayed marriages and unfulfilled relationships. In general, the negative effects are felt more in a person’s personal life than in professional life.

The planet which is having a kartari determines the area of life that can be constrained due to this Papa Kartari Yoga. For example if Venus is crushed between malefics, then the areas in life like diplomacy, love, happiness etc may get affected. If there are benefics, Shubha Yoga affects the planet.

Celebrity Profile

To learn about the effects of this yoga let us take the case of Salman Khan. He is one of the most popular movie stars in India. It is common knowledge that every fan is interested in the star’s marriage as he has been a bachelor for long, in spite of having been in a number of relationships. A study of his horoscope shows the planet Venus being hemmed by Saturn and Sun leading to Papa Kartari Yoga. This is a significant cause that is preventing the fruition of various other positive aspects at a personal level.

In some way, Papa Kartari Yoga has its benefits on a person’s nature as it makes him tough enough to face the challenges of life. A hardworking individual will find it easier to overcome the challenges of Papa Kartari Yoga. For anyone under the effects this yoga, it is crucial to take a step back and consider the decisions that are making life hard. It is probably time to invest in some new strategies instead of sticking to the same patterns.