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Shubha Kartari Yoga

Kartari yoga is also called scissor Yoga as the word indicates scissors. Subha Kartari Yoga is the beneficial effects of one or multiple planets on both sides of a house of the horoscope. The main beneficial planets are Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury which have highly auspicious effects. This Yoga provides best results to that particular house, and it becomes the house for happiness, creativity and overall prosperity. In terms of technicality, this Yoga is the same as the Papa Kartari Yoga but with beneficial effects.

We can take the example of a case where Venus is in the 4th house and Jupiter on the 6th house. In this case, the house in between, i.e. the 5th house will be the one influenced by Subha Kartari Yoga. Even if there are malefic planets present in the 5th house, its effect will be subdued by this Yoga. This will extend to both personal and professional lives. And results in higher energy levels in the individual and a more loving relationship with the close ones. It also results in the fearlessness and the native achieving the goals based on his own merits.

Celebrity Profile

There are many celebrities who have been positively affected by Subha Kartari Yoga. We can take the case of Urjit Patel who was the former Governor of the RBI. His horoscope indicates a Subha Kartari Yoga formed by the effect of Mercury and Venus on the Sun. This resulted in the higher educational levels and positive impact on the overall fortune. The overall benefits of the Yoga on financial and health aspects are also evident. This Yoga also benefits in the field of sports, and it has been in the charts of successful former cricketers in India.

Those with this Yoga are advised to take care of their fathers and fatherly figures to keep the benefits intact through future lives. This Yoga is also beneficial for the spiritual and religious minded along with those who prefer long journeys. With the power to provide all-round happiness, this Yoga is extremely significant in the life of an individual.