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Gandharva Yoga

A Gandharva is referred to an ethereal being, particularly a blissful musician who possess creativity, charm, enlightenment and sensuality. It is considered a mental attribute. Gandharva Yoga originates when the Lord of 10th house remains in the Kama thrikona, alongshore the Lord of Lagna and Jupiter are in well association as well as,  respectively the Sun is strong and elevated and the Moon is occupying the 9th house. 

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Gandharva Yoga

Constitution of Gandharva Yoga 

Gandharva Yoga is consists of some specific positioning: the lord of 10th house in 3rd, 7th, or 11th house, Sun and Moon in 9th house and Lord Lagna and Jupiter is in same house. 

Results of Gandharva Yoga 

As a result of Gandharva Yoga, a person will be able to accomplish unparallel and commendable skills in fine arts. The person will be strong, hale, healthy and pleasant. The native will be well dressed and will become famous in future. The concerned entity has a possibility to live for 68 years. 

Possibilities of Gandharva Yoga 

The various possibilities of Gandharva Yoga are respectively; the communicational ability and married life of the concerned entity will be good. The person will be capable of earning money by the means of business activities, and will attain success in professional field, and he or she will be spiritually sound. 

South Indian chart of combination of Gandharva Yoga 

According to the South Indian chart, the lord of 10th house invades in any one of the 7th, 11th, or 3rd house, when the Sun and Moon dwells in the 9th house in Gandharva Yoga. 

Celebrity Profiles

There are various famous writers, musicians and singers with Gandharva Yog in their horoscopes. Some of the examples are William Shakespeare, Amrita Pritam, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Pemchand, Eminem, Britney Spears and similarly many others. As mentioned earlier they became famous and pursued their passion in fine arts where they excelled and expertise. They were mentally strong to overcome any obstacle and loved the pleasure of their art.R