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Arista Yoga

Arista refers to a Sanskrit word, which means any kind of loss, sorrow, suffering or privation. It is accepted as the third significant yoga which is constituted by the house leadership. Some consider it to be a yoga of poverty and hardship and others conceive as the yoga of suffering and spirituality, hence it is believed that this yoga brings problems and hazards to the indigene. 

South Indian Chart of the combination of Arista Yoga

The mixture of the rulers from the most challenging houses is combined which are considered to be the 6th, 8th, and 12th. These houses are called trick or dushtana and when these are adjoined with the ruler of the first house the concerned individual suffers. 

Constitution of Arista Yoga

Arista Yoga is constituted when the lord of three evil houses respectively sixth, eighth and twelfth coalesce with the lord of quadrants or trines. Any combination derived from the rulers of these houses will bring hardship and difficulty for the concerned entity, and the chances of prosperity and fortune will be eliminated. 

Possibilities of Arista Yoga

Arista yoga also results in health-related problems, and the indigene suffers from mental and physical difficulties as moon functions as the principal operator of their birth chart. 

Arista Yoga is considered to make the fellow person mature by the mode of providing them with spiritual maturity to amend their strategies and accomplish life goals.

Celebrity Profiles 

Considering Baba Ramdev as a celebrity profile, it has been discovered that there are various commendable and promising Raja Yoga in his horoscope. The most influential lord Moon is in 7th house of his horoscope which served Baba Ramdev to gain enough strength, confidence and courage to continue in the hard times and attain a brilliant success in spite of coming up from a humble background. 

The 11th lord Venus resided in the 7th house of his horoscope which helped him to establish achievement and honour. 

The Saturn in its own sign, dwelling in the 8th house assisted him in leaving behind a legacy and inscribing his name in the history forever. R