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Budhaditya Yoga

Budhaditya yoga forms when Mercury and Sun conjuncts house in a horoscope. Also, if the proximity featured by the planet Sun and Mercury is not even a half degree, it leads to the development of a remarkable genius mind. This yoga is also recognised as destiny-changing yoga. Sun represents a government job, and mercury represents intelligence, analytical thinking and logical mind. Thus, there remain strong chances of a government job for its natives.

Result of this Rajayoga:-

A native of this raja yoga does witness a sudden rise in career, state of happiness and finances. They do enjoy spectacular social status. They are well-known, praiseworthy and prosperous. This yoga attracts status, authority, power and respect. One is always buzzes with the essential energy to fulfil commitments.

Effect of diverse planets:-

  • This yoga if caused by Sun and Mercury under the 4th house imparts real estate and vehicle benefits to its native. It enables its native to enjoy exceptional analytical and communication skills. 
  • Even if both the planets, i.e. Sun and Mercury are in a benefic state in Pisces and Libra sign but are in a debilitating state, they may not contribute much to the development of this raja yoga. However, when Libra witnesses an exalted Saturn, with benefic Mercury then despite a weak position of Sun planet, native enjoy success. 
  • When this yoga is created in the 1st house its native experiences success, popularity and name. 

An exemplary of Budhaditya raja yoga exists in Amitabh Bachchan’s horoscope

Amitabh Bachchan is one such celebrity who needs no introduction. This was the impact of Budhaditya yoga only that helped him to make a spectacular comeback in the entertainment industry post his bankruptcy. This raja yoga facilitated him not just to re-launch himself in the Industry but also went on to strengthen his financial situation. He could re-access all those material pursuits that he would enjoy during his first career inning. Today even at such an age, he comes across as a powerhouse of energy. In terms of earnings, he appears to give fierce competition to the established young actors. Thus, the impact created by the power of this yoga is palpable.