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Ubhayachari Yoga

This yoga is formed when the planets besides the Rahu, Ketu and the Moon surrounds the 2nd house of the Sun and the 12th house from Ubhayachari yoga. In other words, when a native has both, Vesi and Vosi yoga, becomes entitled to have Ubhayachari yoga. This yoga makes its native enjoy power, position and prosperity. Its natives are courageous and resourceful.

South Indian Chart

Result of this Rajayoga

Natives ruled by Ubhayachari yoga enjoy either being king (i.e topmost authority) or are awarded positions equivalent to the king. They are blessed with excellent oratory skills. They are extremely fortunate and enthusiastic and enjoy utmost comforts. However, if this yoga is confronted by malefic, it triggers contrary repercussions.   

Effect of diverse planets

  • When the Sun is positioned in the 1st house in Aries, Jupiter is positioned in 12th house in Pisces and Venus is positioned in 2nd house in Taraus, lead to a superior combination related to this yoga. 
  • This combination further makes the 1st house strong along with strengthening the Sun planet as ascendant is extracting positive vibes from both the sides. It suggests that its native will be blessed with remarkable stamina, optimism and positivity. He will acquire gains from investments and will be inclined towards charitable pursuits.  
  • However, if malefic from other planet influence these 3 planets, the strength along with auspiciousness of the results of this yoga too get reduced.

An exemplary of this raja yoga exists in Donald Trump’s horoscope

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is one such celebrity that is fortunate to reap the handsome benefits of this powerful raja yoga. The native ruled by this yoga does reflect a well-built physique and so does Donald Trump. This yoga enables its native to enjoy the supreme authority and Mr Trump did surprise the entire world by winning America’s election. He is blessed with myriad materialistic pleasures. His oratory skills are above par.  He has played diverse roles in his career effortlessly. They include the role of businessman, author, media personality and most prominent one is being a President of America. To conclude, this raja yoga has enabled Trump to climb the ladder of success in whatever field he has tried so far.