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Durudhara Yoga

According to Indian Astrology there are some important yogas that are based on the position of the moon. The Durudhara yoga is one of those. This yoga is formed in any horoscope when there are planets on either side of the moon. However, there are exceptions – Sun, Rahu, and Ketu. Except these three when the planets are in the second and twelfth house from the moon, Durudhara yoga is formed. This is an auspicious yoga and provides materialistic comforts to the native. It also brings a lot of riches to the person. A person with Durudhara yoga gets name and fame in the society. Moreover, such a person would be trustworthy and intelligent. 

Durudhara yoga is a combination of the Sunapha yoga and the Anapha yoga. In this, the benefic planets are powerful and influential than themalefic ones. In total, almost 180 combinations of this yoga can be formed. Each is a combination of the planets with the moon. 

The Durudhara yoga is classified into three yogas – Subha Adhi yoga, Mixed Adhi yoga, and the Paap Adhi yoga. If Durudhara yoga is formed from the Chandra lagna or rashi, it is known as the Chaandra Adhi yoga. The Durudhara yoga is as important as Raja yoga in astrology.

As per famous Indian Astrologers like Varahamihira and Parashara, the native of Durdhara yoga will be charitable even though he/she will be endowed with a lot of wealth and pleasures. There are different combinations of Durudhara yoga. In cases where Mercury and Venus form this yoga, the results are – beauty, sweet voice, interest in poetry and music. The native will be brave and courageous as well. If the yoga is formed by Jupiter and Venus the native gets results in the form of wealth, stable state of mind, loves precious stones and gold, and is skilled as well as wise by nature.

Likewise, there are different combinations with different effects on the horoscope of the native. Due to associations from other planets, the yoga is often modified. There are also changes based on the lordship of the houses and the strengths of the grahas. If sun is close to the moon in this yoga, the effect will automatically get reduced.