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Divine Charts: The Horoscope Of Lord Krishna

The birth charts of the divine Avatars of the Lord Vishnu are traditionally used as examples for teaching astrology. This is because of the religious significance and reverence and also because the detailed knowledge of the life events are easy for the student to relate with the chart.

The Source Of The Birth Charts

As with most prominent horoscopes, there is much difference of opinion with regard to the exact birth date and chart. The birth chart of Lord Krishna that is most commonly accepted is sourced from the Pranas, Srimad Bhagavatam and other ancient texts. 

Baby Krishna
Baby Krishna

The sources state that Lord Krishna was born when the Moon was in Prajapati’s constellation which is the Nakshatra of Rohini. He was born on the night of Krishna Ashtami in the Sravan month. Some texts say that his birth was at midnight.

Krishna And Radha
Krishna And Radha

Chart 1

The most commonly accepted chart has the ascendant and the Moon in Rishaba/Taurus. The Grahas Mars, Venus and Rahu are in Karka/Cancer, Sun and Jupiter in Simha/Leo, Mercury in Kanya/Virgo, Saturn in Vrischik/Scorpio and Ketu in Makara/Capricorn.

Chart As Per Birth Date Estimate
Chart As Per Birth Date Estimate

The description of the physical features and characteristics of Lord Krishna as being very attractive with a sky blue complexion fits the Venus-ruled ascendant with Moon and Saturn influences. He has Mars debilitated in the third house of courage but with a Neecha-Bhanga or cancellation of debilitation. He was known for his courage in taking on very formidable enemies.  

Mercury the 2nd Lord (of speech) is in the 5th house of intellect. Lord Krishna had great strategic, analytical and communication abilities while also being a great diplomat. Jupiter in the 4th house made him a compassionate person while the Sun made him a formidable enemy. The 4th house is also the house of education and Lord Krishna was an expert in learning and even became an expert in 64 forms of learning in 64 days and nights. 

Venus and Mars are together with Rahu indicating the many wives that he had.  Moon and Mars are not favourable planets. Even though they are well placed, there were many threats to the life of Lord Krishna in their Dashas. 

Chart 2 -Saint Surdas

A poem by the Saint Surdas details the birth chart of Lord Krishna. 

The poem states:

Samvat saras vibhavan, Bhado aath tithi budhvaar,

Krishan paksha Rohini, Ardh nisi harshen jogudaar,

Vrish hai lagan, uccha ke nisipati, tanhi bahutsukh pe hai,

Chauthe sinh rashi ke dinkar, jiti sakal mahi lehey,

Panchvey budh kanya ko jo hai, putrani bahut bade hai,

Chatvey shukra tula ke shani jut datru rahan nahipe hai,

Unch neech yuvati bahu kari hai, satve rahu pare hai,

Bhagye bhavan me maker mahi sut, naahu aishwarya bade hai,

Laabh bhavan mei meen brihaspati, nav nidhi ghar mei aihey,

Karam bhavan ke is, sanichar syam baaran tan aihey,

Aadi sanavan parbraham prabhu, ghat-ghat antarjami,

Sau tum hare avtare aani ke, Surdass ke swami.

Chart Layout

This chart also places the Moon and the ascendant in Taurus. It places Ketu in the first house with the Moon. The Sun is in Simha/Leo, Venus in Tula/Libra and Jupiter in Meena/Pisces. These are all own house placements. Saturn is exalted in Tula/Libra and Mars is exalted in Capricorn. This is a direct contrast to the first version of the birth chart. This chart matches the expectation that a divine personality would have many exalted and own house planets in the chart. It is this uniqueness that makes such a chart so rare. Here we see that the significations of the placements still fit in with the characteristics of Lord Krishna’s life.

Chart As Per Saint Surdas
Chart As Per Saint Surdas

The Ketu and Moon conjunction gives a sense of detachment expected of a spiritual figure. Rahu in the 7th indicates the many wives that he had. Mars is exalted in the 9th house bestowing the great strength to restore Dharma. Saturn in the 6th with the 6th lord shows his vanquishing his many enemies. The exalted Mercury in the 5th house of intellect is exemplified by his very superior intellect. 

Ketu in 12th house: Mokshakaraka

There is also a belief that Sri Krishna should have Ketu in the 12th house and hence another set of combinations are also believed to be Krishna’s chart:

5 planets exalted – Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars.

1 planet in own house – Sun.

Ketu in 12th house and Venus in 4th house.

Which Chart Fits Best

Leading astrologers support either one of the charts. At the end of the day, the student of astrology must analyse and decide which chart of the two fits the life of Lord Krishna. The very process of analysing both the charts is excellent for learning. 

Krishna With Radha And The Gopis
Krishna With Radha And The Gopis