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Lords In Houses – The Second Lord In Houses

The second house of a birth chart from the ascendant is called the Dhana Bhava. It is the house that indicates the savings, family, resources and all the possessions that are important to a person. The placement of the second lord in the birth chart tells us a lot about this aspect of a person’s life.  

Bhava Chart Vs Rashi Chart

The Rashi chart assigns each house in serial order from the ascendant Rashi which is counted as the first house. This is independent of the degree of the Lagna. However, an alternate chart called the Bhava Chalit chart is drawn and used by some people. This chart redraws the Bhava or the house based on the Lagna degree. By this method sometimes the planets shift to the next or previous Bhava or house in the chart. The house lordship is taken from the Rashi chart and the placement from the Bhava chart. If this is confusing, the beginner in astrology should first learn to assess the basic Rashi chart before moving to the Bhava chart. 

Lords Of Rashis
Lords Of Rashis

The social norms of the times in which these texts were written should be kept in mind when reading about multiple wives. It was not uncommon for a man who was either in excellent health or wealthy to have more than one wife. This should be interpreted judiciously in present times as it is not accepted or common in most cultural or legal settings. 

Interpreting The Placement Of The 2nd House Lord

The significations of the second house are many. It is the house that deals with all that the person considers being ‘mine’. The second house is the house of family, speech, savings, resources, possessions, material assets, imagination, vision, memory and even primary education. Since it is primarily the house of wealth and family it is a house that most people are very interested in understanding. Since the 2nd house is wealth and the 11th house that of profit, Dhan Yogas (or wealth giving combinations) usually involve these two lords. It is also one of the houses that is called a Maraka house and its lord is one of the Marakas.


Second Lord In The First House (2nd lord in the 1st house)

The second lord of family and wealth in the first house blesses the person with wealth and sons. It also makes the native unfriendly to his/her own family. One could rationalise the negative effects by considering the first house as the 12th (loss) to the second. An exception to this rule will be the Capricorn ascendant where the 2nd lord would be placed in his own house in the first giving only good effects. Whereas in the Virgo Lagna the second lord would be placed in the debilitation sign giving more negative than positive effects. 

Blessing Of Children
Blessing Of Children

Second Lord In The Second House (2nd lord in the 2nd house)

The second lord in the second house would be a placement that strengthens the second house and its lord. It will make the person wealthy and proud and with two or more wives. This position also indicates that there will be no son. This is especially true if the other aspects of childbirth are also afflicted in the chart.

Second Lord In The Third House (2nd lord in the 3rd house)

The third house or Parakrama/Bhratri Bhava is that of courage and valour. So the second lord in the third house will make the person very valourous. When with a benefic, it makes the person lustful, virtuous and also miserly. When it is with a malefic it makes the person an atheist. This could be because of the direct aspect of the malefic in the 3rd to the 9th house of Dharma and religion.

Second Lord In The Fourth House (2nd lord in the 4th house)

The placement of the second lord in the fourth, Sahaja or Maitri Bhava blesses the person with wealth. The text states that if it is with Jupiter or if the second lord is exalted in the fourth house the person will be equal to a king. Some texts state that the second lord must be in the fourth with both Venus and Jupiter for this effect.

Second Lord In The Fifth House (2nd lord in the 5th house)

When the second lord is in the Putra Bhava or the fifth house of creativity and progeny, the person will be wealthy. Also, the son of the person will be focussed on earning wealth. 

Second Lord In The Sixth House (2nd lord in the 6th house)

The sixth house is the Shatru Bhava or the house of enemies. When the second lord is in the sixth house and with a benefic the person will earn through the enemies. However when there is a malefic the person will face the opposite and lose wealth through enemies. The sixth house is also the house of debts, disputes and diseases. So the second lord here will bring all these effects to the significations of the second house. There will be loss of money through theft and bad debts. The family could be affected by property litigations and through fear about the spouse’s health. One must judge the malefic and benefic aspects to the house to judge the level of positive and negative results.

Debts, Disease and Dispute
Debts, Disease and Dispute

Second Lord In The Seventh House (2nd lord in the 7th house)

This placement can show that the person will be a physician. It is also one that has less favourable implications. The seventh house is that of union or the Kalatra Bhava. It signifies legal partnerships as well as sexual union. The second house is also the house of attraction. When attraction and sexual union are linked it leads to problems in the marriage. The person will be likely to be unfaithful in marriage and have a union with another person’s spouse. The second house is the 8th house from the seventh house of spouse. This makes the second house the house of secret addictions of the spouse. If the 7th house is under a malefic influence it could make the spouse also unfaithful.  

Second Lord In The Eighth House (2nd lord in the 8th house)

When the second lord goes to the Ayush/Randhra Bhava it gives a rather pleasant result. The eighth house is not only the house of longevity and sudden events but also the house of inheritance or sudden windfall gains. So the lord of the house of wealth in this house can give the person much wealth.

Second Lord In The Ninth House (2nd lord in the 9th house)

When the second lord is in the Dharma and Bhagya house it makes the person skilful, diligent and wealthy, It is seen that the person visits holy places and is religious. The downside is that the person has a tendency to be sickly in childhood but this improves with age.

Second Lord In The Tenth House (2nd lord in the 10th house)

When the second house is in the Karma house, it makes the person very learned. It also deprives one of happiness from the father. This could be interpreted as caused by the second house being the sixth from the ninth causing disputes with the father. The person will be learned and honourable but also libidinous and with many wives. 

Second Lord In The Eleventh House (2nd lord in the 11th house)

As mentioned earlier the second house is the house of accumulated wealth while the eleventh house is the house of gain and fulfilment of desires. When both these houses are linked it naturally leads to the gains and savings being closely linked. This forms a Dhan Yoga or wealth giving combination. In the Taurus ascendant however the second lord Mercury is debilitated in the 11th house and this causes the Yoga to give minimal effects. The Saggitarius and Pisces ascendants would have the opposite with the 2nd lord exalted in the 11th and give the full fruits of this Dhan Yoga. It is interesting to note that for the Leo and Aquarius ascendants the 2nd lord and the 11th lord are one and the same. This means that the wealth itself will earn gains. This can be interpreted as earning money through interest. 

Money Makes Money
Money Makes Money

Second Lord In The Twelfth House (2nd lord in the 12th house)

The twelfth house or the Vyaya Bhava is the house of loss. When the lord of wealth and money goes into the house of loss and expenses it will naturally be challenging. The person will be without wealth. This position also indicates that there will be no happiness from the eldest son and that the person will be wandering and dependent on others. The 12th house signifies overseas travels and this can account for the description of a person who wanders. It could also be interpreted as a person who makes money from overseas sources. This is more favourable for the Gemini and Aries ascendant. The Aquarius ascendant would find that this placement debilitates the 2nd lord in the 12th house. This causes adverse effects of losing money through foreign dealings.