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Lords In Houses – The Third Lord In Houses

In a birth chart, there are twelve houses and nine Grahas or planets. The effects of a house are determined not only by the placement of a planet in that house but also by the house lord. An astrologer studies the horoscope by planetary placement, house lord placement as well as other factors such as the significator, Aspect (Drishti), Yogas etc. The third lord’s placement in any of the houses of the chart can be interpreted as follows.

Bhava Chart Vs Rashi Chart

The birth chart is the Rashi chart. It assigns the Rashi in which the Lagna degree falls as the first house and so on till the twelfth house. The degree of the Lagna does not affect the house boundaries. However, the Bhav Chalit or Bhava Chalit chart redraws the house boundaries based on the Lagna degree. The redrawn house borders sometimes cause the planets to move into the next or previous house. The house lordship is determined from the Rashi chart while the placement is determined from the Bhava Chalit chart. 

One must always interpret the classical texts with the cultural context of ancient times in mind. For example, indications of many elephants and horses may mean many cars and luxury vehicles. In older times a prosperous man would have many wives. This cannot be interpreted literally in present times. Also, the indications of one placement must be supported by other placements in the chart in order to fructify.

The Third House

The third house from the Lagna or ascendant is the Vikrama or Sahaja Bhava. It is the house of courage and younger siblings. It is also the house of memory, contracts, shares and bonds, rumours, handicrafts, handwork, hobbies, communication through technology, writing and short journeys. In modern times, the third house is also the house of social media. It is the house that when strong makes the person highly motivated and a self-starter. The 3rd house is also the first of the Kama or desire houses which signify the desire for material things and pleasure. The 3rd lord in houses of the chart brings its own flavour to that house. 

Third House Is Courage And Drive
Third House Is Courage And Drive

Third Lord In Upachaya Houses

The 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses are called Upachaya houses. These houses get better with the passage of time. The placement of the third lord in any of these Upachaya houses indicates that the person will over a period of time amass a lot of wealth. This wealth is gained through the person’s own valour and efforts. 

Third Lord In The First House (3rd lord in the 1st house)

The third lord in the first house of self makes a person very brave and valourous. The native will have wealth earned through his or her own efforts. The person will also have an attitude of service. The person will be highly intelligent even if not formally highly educated. The third house traits will influence the person’s way of thinking and outlook on life.

Third Lord In The Second House (3rd lord in the 2nd house)

The third lord in the second house of family and savings is in the 12th house to itself. Generally, the 12th house to any house is unfavourable to the house itself. So the third lord being in the second house is not favourable for the significations of the third house. The person will be without valour and initiative. Since the person lacks vigour there will be a tendency to be overweight. There is also a tendency to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The person might also desire the wealth or spouse of another person.

 3rd lord in the 2nd house - Dissatisfaction
3rd lord in the 2nd house – Dissatisfaction

In the Aries ascendant person, this placement indicates a person who earns wealth by taking other’s wealth. In the cancer ascendant, the third lord is also the 12th lord and this placement causes too many expenses. This is also inauspicious for Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces Lagnas. 

Third Lord In The Third House (3rd lord in the 3rd house)

The third lord in own house bodes well for the significations of the house. All the significations the house will give good results. The person will be very happy through siblings. There will be children, much wealth and happiness. 

3rd Lord In 3rd House : Happiness From Brothers
3rd Lord In 3rd House: Happiness From Brothers

Third Lord In The Fourth House (3rd lord in the 4th house)

The third lord in the fourth house of home, real estate and peace of mind gives the blessings of great intelligence, happiness and wealth. However, the spouse will have a tendency to be vicious. Aries and Libra ascendants have more trouble with this placement than others. It will indicate disputes and litigation with regard to property. For the Libra Lagna, the 3rd lord also owns the 6th house and will affect the 4th house significations. In Cancer and Capricorn ascendants the 3rd lord is also the 12th lord and causes real estate dealings in far off places. For Virgo and Pisces, the 3rd lord is also the 8th lord and causes interest in the occult as well as addictions.

Third Lord In The Fifth House (3rd lord in the 5th house)

The fifth house is the house of speculation, children and intellect. The third lord in this house shows a person blessed with children. It also indicates a person whose intellect and hand skills are well attuned to each other like an engineer. Skills such as art, drawing, sculpture, shooting and the use of weapons are also indicated as they also combine intellect with skill. When the 3rd lord gets debilitated in the fifth house in the Gemini and Saggitarius Lagnas the spouse of the person is very cruel and not religious. There are much trouble and worry to the native on account of the younger brother. There is also trouble or sorrow indicated through children. 

3rd Lord In 5th House: Art Skills
3rd Lord In 5th House: Art Skills

Third Lord In The Sixth House (3rd lord in the 6th house)

The sixth house is the house of disputes. When the third lord of siblings goes to the sixth house there are disputes with the siblings. It also indicates that there will be issues with the male siblings of the mother since the sixth house is the third from the fourth house of the mother. However, the relationship with maternal aunts will be fine. This does not happen when the 3rd lord also owns the 6th house as in the Aries and Libra Lagnas. The native will be wealthy.

Third Lord In The Seventh House (3rd lord in the 7th house)

The third lord in the 7th house indicates that the person will tend to serve the king or in modern times the government. Though the person’s childhood will not be ideal the person will be happier as he/she grows older. 

Third Lord In The Eighth House (3rd lord in the 8th house)

The eighth house is a Dusthana house that signifies sudden events. This shows that the person will earn his living through theft or other illegal means. The person will also earn his living through working for and serving others. The person is likely to be severely punished by the government for his/her crimes. It is seen that in the Virgo and Pisces Lagnas this position is not so negative. In the Scorpio Lagna, this can create a born criminal if other factors in the chart support. It also shows that the person may have suicidal thoughts and tendencies if there are other weaknesses in the chart. This is because the eighth house is also the house of longevity.

Third Lord In The Ninth House (3rd lord in the 9th house)

The third lord in the ninth house of fortune shows that the person earns through his spouse. The person also does not have happiness through the father. The person also has the blessing of having a son. 

Third Lord In The Tenth House (3rd lord in the 10th house)

When the third lord of effort is in the 10th house of career it is a position that gives the person much happiness and wealth through self-effort. But it also indicates that the person is liable to have associations with wicked women. 

3rd lord in the 10th house : Happy In Career
3rd lord in the 10th house: Happy In Career

Third Lord In The Eleventh House (3rd lord in the 11th house)

The third lord in the eleventh house shows that the person will be highly intelligent even if their education is not ideal. This also shows that the person will be very helpful to others and will gain in trading. It even makes the son of the native wealthy. The native will additionally gain wealth through their own effort. 

Third Lord In The Twelfth  House (3rd lord in the 12th house)

The 12th house is an unfavourable house of loss. When the person’s third lord is placed in the twelfth his/her wealth is spent in evil or undesirable deeds. The person is fortunate because of his/her spouse but the father of the native is cruel. 

This is the standalone interpretation of the 3rd house lord in houses of the chart. The conjunction or aspect of a benefic or malefic planet can emphasise the positive or negative indications of 3rd lord in different houses. A chart must be studied in its entirety to see repeating patterns that confirm an indication.