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The Beginner’s Favourite – What Is So Special About Lord Rama’s Chart?

Traditionally, astrology is taught using the birth chart of Lord Rama. He is called the ‘Maryada Purushotama’ or the ideal man. So, being a divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu as well as an exemplary man, his chart must have indications of his uniqueness.

Source Of The Chart

We get the details of the birth chart from the Shloka written by Valmiki describing his birth in Bala Kanda Chapter 18, Verses 8 to 9

ततो यज्ञे समाप्ते तु ऋतूनां षट् समत्ययुः |

ततश्च द्वादशे मासे चैत्रे नावमिके तिथौ || १-१८-८

नक्षत्रेऽदितिदैवत्ये स्वोच्चसंस्थेषु पंचसु |

ग्रहेषु कर्कटे लग्ने वाक्पताविंदुना सह || १-१८-९

tatoH yajne samaapte RituuNaam SaT samatyayuH

tataH dvaadashe maase chaitre naavamike tithau

nakshatre aditidaivatye swocchasamsheShu panchasu 

graheSu karkaTe lagne vaakpatiH indunaa saha

The verses say that six seasons had passed after the ritual when on the ninth day (Navami Tithi)  of the Chaitra month, under the Punarvasu Nakshatra of which Aditi is the deity, and five of the nine planets were in exalted/own in their houses, Jupiter and Moon were ascendant in Cancer when Kausalya gave birth to Rama. 

The Birth Chart

So, from this quote, we can arrange the planets in the chart of Lord Rama. We know that the Moon, Jupiter and ascendant are in Cancer. The Tithi is Navami and this helps us place the Sun. We know that Moon is in Punarvasu Nakshatra in Cancer. So, the Moon has to be in the 4th Pada of Punarvasu. 

Sun Placement Controversy

As per the respected Astrology expert Shri K. N. Rao, Navami Tithi requires that there should be 96 degrees between the Sun and the Moon. So, if Moon is in Punarvasu, that is, within 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Cancer, the Sun has to be in Pisces. It is only if the Sun were in Pisces/Meena could the Tithi be Navami. However, most of the astrologers place the Sun in the 10th house. So, the 5 planets that are exalted (Uccha) or in own (Swa) house are Jupiter exalted in Cancer/Karkata, Moon in own house Cancer/Karkata, Saturn exalted in Libra/Tula, Mars exalted in Capricorn/Makara and Venus exalted in Pisces/Meena. 

The Birth Chart With The More Controversial Mercury And Sun Placements
The Birth Chart With The More Controversial Mercury And Sun Placements
The More Commonly Used Birth Chart Of Lord Ram
The More Commonly Used Birthchart Of Lord Rama

Some astrologers who interpret the Shloka as five exalted planets instead of five ‘own and exalted’, place the Sun in Aries. The Sun in this position gives a Chakravarthy Yoga that gives health power and greatness. 

Mercury And Saturn Placement

Mercury as the third lord in 10th house shows that the younger siblings do well. So, Mercury the 12th lord aspecting the 4th house also indicates the exile of Lord Ram. Saturn in the 4th house indicates separation or going away from the home. This happened in the life of Lord Rama. Also, Saturn in the 4th house is the 7th lord in the 4th house. When Mercury is in the 10th house it aspects the 7th lord which also indicates that Sita also went to the forest with Lord Ram. Saturn in the 4th gave Lord Ram a very steady, focused and enduring nature. It also spoiled his married life and his ascending to the throne by its aspect on the 7th and 10th houses. 

The argument for the placement of Mercury in the 11th house shows that the planet that denotes the intelligence of the person is in the house of gain. It is also the house of friends and we see in the life of Lord Rama that he had many friends who helped him through the struggles to get Sita back. However, this Mercury being the lord of the 12th (loss, long-travel away from birthplace) and also the third lord (brothers) caused the loss, as well as an exile and the throne given to the brother of Lord Ram.

Lord Rama With Sita Devi, His Brothers And Hanuman
Lord Rama With Sita Devi, His Brothers And Hanuman


Moon and an exalted Jupiter in the first house form a beautiful Gaja Kesari Yoga that matches with Lord Rama’s life. It indicates his knowledge, virtuousness and wisdom. Exalted Jupiter receives the aspect of exalted Mars making a person with Dharma and moral strength that is unparalleled. Mars also harms his marital happiness. This same exalted Mars made Lord Ram a warrior par excellence. 

The Maha Purusha Yogas that are seen in this chart are Hamsa Yoga, Shasha Yoga and Ruchaka Yoga. Venus in the 9th is a good placement for wealth and fortune. But as Venus is not a good planet for the Cancer Lagna it also soured his marital life. Rahu in the 6th in Sagittarius matches the image we have of Lord Ram as a warrior bearing a bow.

Eka Shloki Ramayanam Mantra

Beginners can learn the many benefits of exalted planets and the wonderful Yogas that are present in the chart. They can also learn how even when well placed, a malefic planet’s aspect will cause havoc in some area.