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Krishna And Radha: The Birth Charts Of The Divine Couple

The majority of astrologers spend a good part of their analysis in answering relationship-related questions. Money and love are the most common themes that most people bring to an astrologer to decode. It is a minority of people who look for a higher spiritual calling in life. So, the astrology of relationships is a key area for most. Analysing what makes two people attract each other and then sustain that connection for a lifetime is very important.

A shining example of great love is that of Lord Krishna and Radha. The divine couple is worshipped and portrayed in art and sculpture as the ideal pair. So, when we study the astrology of relationships what better pair to assess than the divine couple of Radha and Krishna. Though Krishna was none other than the incarnation of Vishnu in his human birth he did have a birth chart which we have the details of. The birth chart of Radha is also known.

Krishna And Radha: The Divine Couple
Krishna And Radha: The Divine Couple


For the best kind of relationship compatibility, a couple must have an excellent matching of their desires, feelings and outlook on life. Yet there should be enough differences to make the relationship both stimulating and exciting.  

Of the planets, Venus signifies desire, the Moon feelings and Sun is the outlook on life. The ascendant signifies the person themselves. So, great compatibility of the ascendants, Moon, Sun and Venus makes for compatibility in these areas in life. In the ideal relationship, all these factors should be beautifully balanced. This makes for sustained attraction and comfort with each other. When some of the factors match they cause the initial attraction and eventually the incompatible factors lead to areas of conflict in the relationship

Birth Chart Of Lord Krishna

There are two different versions of the birth chart of Lord Krishna. The one used here is described in a poem by the Saint Surdas. In this chart, the Moon is exalted in the first house of Taurus (Rishaba). The Sun is placed in Simha (Leo), Jupiter in Meena (Pisces), Saturn conjunct Venus in Tula (Libra) and Mars is exalted in Capricorn (Makara). Rahu is in Scorpio (Vrischik), Ketu in Taurus (Rishaba) and Mercury in Virgo (Kanya).

This is a very unique chart with so many planets in their own house or exalted. 

The Birth Chart Of Lord Krishna

Birth Chart Of Radha

The stories of Radha and Krishna tell us that Radha was born one Paksha or fortnight after the birth of Lord Krishna on Radha Ashtami. This means that the Moon would have travelled halfway across the zodiac from the birth time of Lord Krishna. This places the Moon in Anuradha Nakshatra directly opposite Krishna’s Moon in Rohini Nakshatra. The Sun transits one Rashi a month which is 30 degrees. So in 14 days, the Sun would have transited 15 degrees away from Lord Krishna’s birth position. It is also recorded that Radha was born at midday whereas Lord Krishna was born at midnight. This helps us to place the Lagna or Radha in relation to the position of the Sun.

The Birth Chart Of Radha

Comparing the Two Charts

The Moon is feelings and it is very important that the Moons of both the partners be matched well. Here we see that the Moon of Radha is directly opposite to that of Lord Krishna. This is a placement that is very stimulating. It is a case of opposites attracting each other. So their feelings would have been intensely strong toward each other. It is the same with their opposing ascendants.

Krishna And Radha
Krishna With Radha

Superimposed Planets

The Sun in both charts is in the same Rashi. So this would make the outlook on life coincide through being in the same Rashi. However, because Lord Krishna was born at midnight his Sun is in the fourth house. Radha’s birth at noon places her Sun in the tenth house. So while comparing the Lagna chart it makes a relationship where both of them also have enough of the opposite in their outlook in life to be stimulating to each other. They have harmony and yet the thrill of friction at the same time.

Venus is the romantic planet of desire. It is very important for a romantic relationship. Here we see that the planets Venus and Mercury are placed in exactly the same position as that of Lord Krishna. One may say that in 14 days the two planets would have moved significantly. However, in Lord Krishna’s chart, the two planets are placed far from the Sun. It is seen practically that these are the positions when they have the least speed. So, it is safe to presume that they did not move significantly in two weeks.

The Ideal Couple: Radha And Krishna
The Ideal Couple: Radha Rani And Krishna

The Venus of Lord Krishna and Radha are together and make for an intense romantic connection. This is immortalised for the world to see and remember. Communication is key to any relationship. This important planet Mercury is also superimposed in the same Rashi for both Lord Krishna and Radha. In Lagna house placement, they are opposite each other.

What Makes Lord Krishna And Radha So Compatible

The charts of Lord Krishna and Radha clearly show why they are magnetically drawn to each other. Their minds and feelings are the perfect mirrors to each other since their Moons are in Taurus (Rishaba) and Scorpio (Vrischik) opposing each other. Their opposing ascendants with the other planets in the same Rashi make for a very unique pattern. The planetary placements are superimposed in the Rashis and oppose each other in the house placement. 

Krishna With Radha: The Perfect Couple
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So, they are perfectly the same and yet also different. This seems to be the magic to the eternally devoted couple. It also makes a good lesson for astrologers who compare charts for matchmaking. A couple with too much of the same thing makes for boredom while those who are opposite each other may not be ideal. A balance of the same, as well as the opposite, makes a couple who have the same basic feelings and outlook in life and yet also complement each other. 

The superimposition of planets is the glue to the relationship. The opposing positions are what makes each one alluring and fascinating to the other. Even the divine couple were not exactly the same. They were same and yet totally opposite in the perfect ratio. 

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