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Baby Names Based on Lord Krishna

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Names of Lord Krishna
Baby Krishna Names
AarshabhIts an another name of Shri Krishna
Bal BhadraBrother of Krishna
Bal GopalBaby Krishna, Infant Krishna
Bal KrishanYoung Krishna
Bala GovindYoung cow-herd, Infant Krishna
BalagopalChild Krishna
BalakrishnaYoung Krishna
BalgopalBaby Krishna, Infant Krishna
BalgovindLord Krishna, Young cowherd, Name of Krishna
BalramBrother of Lord Krishna
BanajLotus, Natural, Born of the forest, Born of the water; Lotus Banbihari; Lord Krishna
BankeLord Krishna, Bent in three places; Lord Krishna
BankimCrescent, Lord Krishna, Curved; not straight
BansidharLord Krishna, The bearer of the flute
BanwariLord Krishna, The one living in the groves of vrindavan; Lord Krishna
BasudevFather of Lord Krishna, God of wealth
BhavanCreator, Solicitous, Charming, Brilliant, Another name for Lord Krishna, Palace; palace
BidurWise, A friend of Lord Krishna
DamodarRope tied around Lord Krishna, A name of Lord Krishna; Lord Krishna
DarshSight, Handsome, Lord Krishna, When the Moon just becomes visible; Lord Krishna
DarukCharioteer of Lord Krishna, Tree
DevakinandanName of Lord Krishna
DhamodharRope tied around Lord Krishna, A name of Lord Krishna
DhanjayLord Krishna, Winning wealth, One who conquers over richness, Victorious over worldly objects
GadinLord Krishna, One who is armed with a club, One who wields the mace; Lord Krishna
GaurangFair complexioned, Another name for Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva; Fair complexioned
GhanashyamLord Krishna, Solid dark, Of the color of the darkest cloud that will soon rain
GhansyamLord Krishna or black cloud
GiridharLord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna); One who adorns the mountain
GirivarLord Krishna, One who holds govardhana Giri mountain in his hand; Lord Krishna
GulzarilalName of Lord Krishna
HansinThe universal soul, Containing brahman or the supreme soul, Another name for Krishna; Soul, Swan
Hare KrishnaLord Krishna, Everything that exists
HarekrishnaLord Krishna, Everything that exists; Lord Krishna
HareshLord Shiva, Shiva, Lord Har; Lord Krishna
Hari KrishnaAnother name Lord Krishna
Hari PrasadBlessed by Lord Krishna
HaridaServant of Lord Krishna
HaridasServant of Lord Krishna
HarigopalLord Krishna, Lord who is a cowherd; Lord Krishna
HarikeshLord Krishna, Yellow haired, An epithet of Shiva, Name of one of the seven principal rays of the Sun, Another name for Vishnu
HarishLord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined; Lord Krishna
HemkrishGolden Krishna
HerishLord Shiva, Lord Krishna, The person who feels that what he is doing is actually gods wish
JadabendraJadav+ Lord Indra means God Lord Krishna & Lord Indra
JagadbanduLord Krishna, Friend, Relative of the whole world; Lord Krishna
Jai KishanVictory of Lord Krishna
Jai KrishnaVictory of Lord Krishna
JaivardhanLord Shiva, Jai – victory, Conquest, Thriving, Bestowing prosperity, Name of son of Krishna and mitravindaa, Name of Vishnu; Lord Shiva
JayasankarLord Krishna, Jaya meaning victorious and akara meaning beneficent name
JaykishanLord Krishna, Victory of Krishna, Brain power, Intelligent
JograjLord Krishna, Lord of ascetics; Lord Shiva
Jugal KishorLord Krishna, A pair of adolescents, A form of Krishna with adolescent Radha
KaanhaYoung, Lord Krishna
KanayahaLord Krishna, The adolescent
KeshabName of Lord Krishna, Lord venkateswara, Lord Vishnu, Long haired, Slayer of Keshi demon
KuchelaFriend of Lord Krishna
LalitBeautiful, Vociferous
LiladharLord Vishnu, One who indulges in play, Pastime, An epithet of Krishna, Epithet of Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
MaadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna, Sweet like Honey; another name of Krishna
Madan GopalLord Krishna, Gopal, The Lord of Love
MadhavAnother name of Lord Krishna, Sweet like Honey; Krishna
MadhavdasServant of Lord Krishna
MadhusoodanLord Krishna, One who killed demon Madhu; name of Lord Krishna
MadhuvemanLord Krishna, One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his sweet and attractive nature
ManaharLord Krishna, Pleasing, Charming, One who attracts mind
ManharLord Krishna, Pleasing, Charming, One who attracts mind; Lord Krishna
MohanCharming, Fascinating, Infatuating, Another name for Shiva and Krishna, Handsome; fascinating
MohanishLord Krishna, Attractive God
MohanrajCharming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna
MonishLord of mind, Attractive, Another name for Krishna; lord of mind
MounishLord of mind, Attractive, Another name for Krishna
MounishLord of mind, Attractive, Another name for Krishna
NaathanGift from God, Rewarded, Given, Giving, Desire, Protector, Lord, Another name for Krishna
NairLord Krishna, Leader
Nand KishoreSon of Nand ji (Lord Krishna)
Nand NandanLord Krishna, Son of Nanda; Lord Krishna
NandagopalLord Krishna fathers name
NandakPleasing, Celebrating, Delightful, Krishnas sword; pleasing
NandapalLord Krishna, Protector of Nanda
NandlalLord Krishna, Beloved of Nanda
NatwarLord Krishna, Dancing Lord; Lord Krishna
NavaneetFresh butter, One who takes pleasure in new joys; who gives pleasure, Krishna
PadmahastaLotus handed, Lord Krishna; Lotus Handed. Lord Krishan
PanchajanyaFive eyed, Lord Shiva, Couch of Lord Krishna
Radha KrishnaGoddess Radha and Lord Krishna
RadhakantaLord Krishna, Sweetheart of Radha (Radha represents devotee, Thus the protector, Lover, Friend of devotee; Lord Krishna
RadhavLord Krishna, Beloved of Radha
RadhavallabhLord Krishna, Beloved of Goddess Radha; Lord Krishna
Radhe ShyamLord Krishna and Goddess Radha
RadheshA name of Lord Krishna; Lord of Radha, Krishna
RadheshyamLord Krishna and Goddess Radha
RagvinderRagvinder comes from the Indian word and it is the second name of Lord Krishna
RukmineshLord Krishna, Consort of Rukmini; Lord Krishna
Sai KrishnaSai baba and Lord Krishna
SaikrishnaSai baba and Lord Krishna
Saket SriramLord Krishna, Saket – heaven, Sriram – the divine Ram, I.e., Ramachandra
SakethLord Krishna, Having the same intention
ShankarshanBrother of Lord Krishna
ShankdharLord Krishna, The one who bears a conch; Lord Krishna
SharvaLord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Perfect, Complete
SharvilLord Krishna, Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva
SomeshwarLord Shiva, Sa + Uma – with Uma) Moon crested, Epithet of Shiva; Lord Krishna
YaadavLord Krishna, Descendent from Yadu, Name of Krishna
YadabLord Krishna, Descendent from Yadu, Name of Krishna
YadavLord Krishna, Descendent from Yadu, Name of Krishna; Followers of Yadu, lord Krishna
YadavendraLord Krishna, King of the yadava clan; Leader of the Yadavas
YadukrishnaLord Krishna, Krishna, Descendent of Yadu
YadunandanLord Krishna, Of Yadu clan; son of Yadu, Krishna
YadunathLord Krishna, Protector of yadus; Lord Krishna
YadurajLord Krishna, King of yadus; Lord Krishna
YaduveerLord Krishna, Brave Man, Descendent of Yadu
YajnarupLord Krishna, One who is as pure as Yajna, One whose form is Yajna; Lord Krishna
YaudhavirLord Krishna, Brave warrior
YeswanthLord Krishna, A person who attains fame and glory
YudhavLord Krishna
YugandharEver lasting, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna; End of time
YugantarEver lasting, Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna