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Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra the Red Colour


  • Nakshatra translates to Star Map, where “Naks” means sky and “Shetra “means a region in Sanskrit.
  • Nakshatras are lunar mansions in Indian astronomy. The 360◦ lunar zodiacs are divided into, twelve houses of the zodiac of 30◦ each comprise of 27 constellations (mansions) of 13.20 ◦ each, which are further divided into 4(quarters) pada. Each constellation is identified as a star, and the moon resides in each of these constellations
  • The creation of Nakshatras is attributed to Daksha, son of Prajapati.  The 27 nakshatras are his daughters married to Chandra (moon).
  • These stars based on a person’s time of birth determines ones’ Janma Nakshatra and thereby their kundali or astrological chart, which precedes all astrological calculations. This is unique only to Indian astronomy.
  • The Nakshatras have three main attributes: Deva- Divine; Nara – Human and Rakshasa- Demonic.  Based on these attributes they determine personality traits of Kama, Artha, Dharma & Moksha.
Rohini Signifying Red/Orange Alderbaran Colour

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Alderberan
  • The fourth star of the lunar mansion is also known as “Red One” or “Brahmi” and equates to Alderberan. It comprises of the five stars of the head of the bull.
  • It is called Red one because of the colour, and it is the brightest star of the constellation of Tauri/Taurus.
  • The western astronomical name is Aldebaran. It lies in the Indian zodiac: 10° – 23°20′ Vrishabha; Western zodiac 6° – 19°20′ Gemini
  • The Sanskrit root of Rohini- Ruh means to grow or to rise, and that’s why it is also known as the Star of Ascent.
  • The ruling deity of Rohini is Prajapati and her ruling Lord/planet is the Moon. Rohini is the most favourite wife of Lord Chandra, and he would spend all his time with her. On a complaint from the rest of the wives at his seeming lack of attention, Prajapati cursed the moon to wane.
  • On pleas from the devas, the unrevokeable curse was retraced, and the moon was able to shine (wax) in its glory on a monthly cycle. This is why we have the waning and waxing of the moon according to Hindu mythology
Red Coloured Nakshatra Rohini
Red Coloured Girl Rohini – favourite wife of the moon
  • It is symbolised by an Ox Cart / Chariot, Banyan Tree & temple. Rohini, the star is represented by a male serpent and white colour and has Nara (human) attributes and is an earth sign. The general purpose of this star sign is Moksha
  • A fixed constellation, it characterises people born under this sign to take up activities which have a lasting effect like, laying foundations, building temples, agriculture and auspicious beginnings.
  • Rohini represents the accumulation of materialistic possessiveness, self-indulgence, fertility, growth and appreciation for beauty and arts. A star sign endowed with love, passion and sensuality.

Positive Characteristics

Rohini Nakshatra with Red Chariot
Rohini Nakshatra with Red Alderberan Colour
  • People born under this sign are charismatic, accumulate wealth, tend to be popular, and are very religious. They are free spirited people with spontaneity and have a strong humanitarian streak
  • With the Lord of speech as their ruling deity, they are good communicators and listeners. Their creative instinct again comes from Lord Brahma, the creator who is the reigning deity.
  • They are emotional and follow their heart. Their trusting nature and courage of conviction more often lead to their downfall.

Negative Characteristics

  • They are extremely critical and look down upon people who are below them.
  • Their stubborn nature makes them slow to accept change and is fixed on their views and belief.
  • They lack planning skills, patience and focus. Due to this, they fail to have long term employment, stable housing and financial independence.
  • Their very trusting nature sometimes leads them to choose the wrong people in their business partnerships, leading to their downfall
  • They do not forgive easily and hold grudges against the wrongs meted out to them  

Typical Career Paths

Careerof Rohini Nakshatra
Career of Rohini Nakshatra
  • Their most preferred choice of profession is related to anything symbolising growth so; the general choice is agriculture/farming, new ventures like construction.
  • Many of them have a strong inclination towards religious activities, and some even earn their livelihood through it
  • People under the Star of Ascent have the gift of rising to power and fame, like a politician or Businessman
  • The creativity nature leads many of them to become dancers, singers, actors, artists, and designers.
  • Charisma and good communication skills aid them in holding good public relations
  • In their profession they have strong work ethics, are loyal and trusting. They are capable of working independently and have respect for authority.

Personality Characteristics

  • Their most attractive feature is their eyes and their smile which can light up a room. They are pleasant and charismatic with a lot of passion & sensuality
  • They are attached to their family and tend to become aggressive if their family stability is rocked
  • The men under this sign generally lack attachment to the father but are overly attached to the mother.
  • The women born under this sign tend to be stubborn, flaunt their wealth and possession. This can lead to them having tumultuous relationships.
  • They are loving and gentle. Also, can be tough and harsh and this conflicting nature makes it difficult for people to understand them.
  • People under this sign suffer from Respiratory and throat problems, paralysis, cancer and blood-related disorders