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Vishnu Sahasranama( Shlokha 61-64)

Vishnu names

Names of Lord Vishnu starting 572 and ending at 611 out 1000 names of the Lord. The Shlokha 61-64 can be mapped to the Visakha Nakshatrah.

Shlokha 61:

572. sudhanva: He Who has a splendid bow.

573. khanda-parasuh: He with the broken axe.

574. darunah: He who is merciless to those who deviate from the path of virtue.

575. dravina-pradah:  The Bestower of wealth.

576. divisprk:  He Who touches the skies.

577. sarvadrk: He who is in the form of knowledge of all forms.

578. vyasah: He who arranged the Vedas and the puranas

579. vacas-patih: The Master of words.

580. ayonijah: The Unborn.

Shlokha 62:

 581. tri-sama: He who is propounded by the three-fold Sama Veda.

582. sama-gah: The singer of Sama.

583. sama: He who removes the sins of those who sing about Him.

584. nirvanam: He who is the cause of Bliss to His devotees.

585. bheshajam: The Remedy.

586. bhishak: The Physician.

587. sannyasa-krt: He Who leads you to sanyassa.

588. Samah: He Who instructs on how to control anger.

589. Santah: He whose mind is always tranquil.

590. nishtha: The object of concentration. 

591. santih: Peace and the object of meditation.

592. parayanam: The Ultimate Means.

Shlokha 63:

593. Subhangah: He Who has a handsome form.

594. santi-dah: The bestower of eternal peace.

595. srashtA: The Creator.

596. ku-mudah: He who is happy in His relation to this world in various forms.

597. kuvalesayah: He Who is reclining in the waters surrounding this earth.

598. gohitah: He Who looks after the welfare of the world.

599. gopatih: The Lord of the Celestial world.

600. gopta: The Protector.

601. vrshabhakshah: He Who is the Support for the cycle of samsara in the form of dharma.

602. vrshapriyah: He who is dear to the virtuous.

Shlokha 64:

603. anivarti: He Who does not turn away from dharma under any circumstance. 

604. nivrttatma: He whose Nature is superior to everything.

605. samkshepta: He who constrains or limits.

606. kshema-krt: He who does what is good for His devotees.

607. sivah: He who gives auspicious things to His devotees.

608. srivatsa-vakshah: He who has the Srivatsa mole on His chest.

609. srI-vasah: The Abode of Lakshmi.

610. srI-patih: The Consort of Lakshmi

611. srImatam-varah: The Best Among those who possess affluence and knowledge.