Match Your Kundali

Vishnu Sahasranama(Shlokha 13-16)

Mapped to Rohini Nakshatra

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 115 to 152 out of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranama. These names can be mapped to the Rohini Nakshatra which is lorded by Brahma Deva

Chanting of these names are beneficial if the Moon of a person is in Rohini Nakshatra.

Shlokha 13:

115. Rudrah: One who destroys misery.

116. Bahu-sirah: One who is multi-headed

117.  Babhruh: The Supporter.

118.  Visva-yonih: The cause of this world

119.  Suci-sravah: One who listens to words which are pure

120.  Amritah: One who is nectar to His devotees.

121.  Sasvata-sthanuh: One who is Eternally Firm.

122.  Vararohah: One who is the most supreme object of attainment.

123.  Maha-tapah: One who is endowed with great knowledge.

Shlokha 14:

124. Sarva-gah: One who reaches all.

125. Sarva-vit: One who is the All-knower.

126. Bhanuh: One who shines.

127. Vishvak-senah: One who has his army for the protection of all.

128. Janardanah: One who destroys the wicked and protects people.

129. Vedah: One who is the embodiment of scriptures.

130. Vedavit: The true knower of the meaning of the vedas

131. Avyangah: One who has no imperfections.

132. Vedangah: One who has Vedas as his body

133. Vedavit: One who knows the true meaning of Vedas

134. Kavih: One who cognizes beyond ordinary perception.

Shlokha 15:

135.  Lokadhyakshah: Lord of the worlds

136   Suradhyakshah: Master of the devas
137   Dharmadhyakshah: Master of dharma

138.  Kritakritah: The giver of blessings

139.  Caturatma: One whose Self has a four-fold manifestation.

140   Catur-vyuhah: One with four forms

141 – Catur-damshtrah: Four teeth.

142 – Catur-bhujah: One with four arms.

Shlokha 16:

143. Bhrajishnuh: One who is effulgent.

144. Bhojanam: One who is the object of enjoyment.

145. Bhokta: One who Enjoys

146. Sahishnuh: The Forgiver.

147. Jagadadijah: He who was born at the beginning of the Universe.

148. Anaghah: One who is uncontaminated and pure

149. Vijayah: One who is victorious

150. Jeta: The conqueror

151. Visva-yonih: The Cause of the Universe.

152. Punarvasuh: One who lives again and again as the antaratma of all his creations.