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Vishnu Sahasranama( Shlokha 57-60)

Vishnu Sahasranamam Swati Chodi Nakshatra

Names of Lord Vishnu from 534 to 570 and Shlokha 57-60 and these names can be mapped to Swati Nakshatra.

Shlokha 57:

534. maharshih: The Great Seer.

535. kapilacaryah: He Who is a teacher.

536. krtajnah: He Who remembers the good deed done.

537. medinipatih: The Lord or Protector of the Earth.

538. tripadah: He Who is in the form of pranava mantra with three letters.

539. tridasadhyakshah: The Savior of the thirty-three gods.

540. maha-sringah: The Big-tusked Varaha. 

541. kritantakrit: He who kills death himself.

Shlokha 58:

542. mahavarahah: He Who appeared in the form of the Great Boar.

543. govindah: One who is praised by the gods.

544. sushenah: He who is equipped with a body with suddha sattva sakti.

545. kanakangadi: He Who is adorned by armlets of gold.

546. guyhah: He who is concealed.

547. gabhirah: He who is deep or mysterious.

548. gahanah: He who is beyond comprehension and Inexplicable.

549. guptah: He who is hidden.

550. cakragadadharah: The bearer of the discus and the mace.

Shlokha 59:

551. vedhah: The Provider.

552. svangah: He who is both the Instrumental Cause and the Material Cause of the Universe.

553. ajitah: He who is unconquered, and unconquerable.

554. krshnah: One who is always in a state of Bliss and the Dark-hued. 

555. drdhah: He Who assumes firm and concrete vyuha forms for the benefit of His devotees

556. sankarshanah: He Who draws others near Him.

557. acyutah: One who never slips from His glory

558. varunah: He Who envelops. 

559. varunah: He Who is with those who have sought Him as their Lord or svami.

560. vrikshah: He Who provides shade like a tree

561. pushkarakshah: He Who has beautiful lotus-like eyes.
562. maha-manah: He Who has a great mind.

Shlokha 60:

563. bhagavan: He Who is worthy of worship.

564. bhagaha: He Who is possessed of auspicious qualities. 

565. nandi or anandi: He Who has nanda as His father

566. vanamali: He Who has the vanamala garland.

567. halayudhah: One Who has the plough in His hand.  

568. adityah: who was son of Aditi in her previous birth.

569. jyotir-adityah: The Resplendent Sun

570 sahishnuh: He Who is endowed with enormous patience.

570. gati-sattamah: The best instructor in the path of dharma.