Match Your Kundali

Vishnu Sahasranama(Shlokha 17-20)

Names of Vishnu 153-190

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 152 to 190 out of 1000 names of Sahasranamam. These names can be mapped to the Mrigashira Nakshatra which is lorded by Chandra.

Chanting of these names are beneficial if the Moon of a Native is in Mrigashira Nakshatra.

Shlokha 17:

153. Upendrah: One who appeared as the younger brother of Indra.

154. Vamanah: One with the Dwarf form

155. Pramsuh: one who is big

156. Amoghah: One whose acts are never purposeless.

157. Sucih: One who is Pure.

158. Urjitah: One who is endowed with good strength

159. AtIndrah: One who is lord of Indra.

160. Samgrahah: He who is easily reached

161. Sargah: The creator of Himself.

162. Dhritatma: The supporter of all the jivatmas.

163. Niyamah: The Controller.

164. Yamah: The Ruler.

Shlokha 18:

165. Vedyah: He who can be realized.

166. Vaidyah: The knower of vidya

167. Sada-yogi: One who is in constant yogic meditation

168. Vira-ha: The slayer of wicked

169. Madhavah: The propounder of the knowledge of the Supreme Being.

170. Madhuh: One who is like honey to His devotees.

171. Atindriyah: He who is beyond the range of the sense organs.

172. Maha-mayah: One who is possessed of wonderful power of enchantment.

173. Mahotsahah: One who is of great enthusiasm.

174. Maha-balah: One with immeasurable strength

Shlokha 19:

175. Maha-buddhih: He of infinite knowledge.

176. Maha-vIryah: He of great virility and strength

177. Maha-Saktih: Of immense power.

178. Maha-dyutih: He of great splendor.

179. Anirdesya-vapuh: He who possesses an indescribable body.

180. SrIman: Possessed of beauty.

181. Ameyatma: He of an incomprehensible nature.

182. Mahadri-dhrit: The bearer of the great mountain.

Shlokha 20:

183. Maheshvasah: The discharger of great arrows and wielder of bows

184. Mahi-bharta: The bearer of the earth.

185. Srinivasah: In whom Lakshmi resides.

186. Satam-gatih: The Ultimate Goal for all spiritual seekers.

187. Aniruddhah: One who cannot be obstructed by anyone.

188. Suranandah: One who gives delight to the gods.

189. Govindah: One who is praised by the gods

190. Govidam patih: The protector of those who know the Vedas.