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Vishnu Sahasranamam(Shlokha 37-40)

Vishnu names 338-374

Names of Lord Vishnu starting 338-374 and these names can be mapped to Magha Nakshatra. People with moon in Magha can chant these names of Vishnu Sahasranamam mentioned.

Shlokha 37:

338. a-sokah: The dispeller of sorrows.

339.  taranah: He who takes others to the other shore.

340. tarah: The Savior.

341. surah: The Valiant.

342. saurih: The son of valiant people.

343. janesvarah: The Lord of the people.

344. anukulah: One who is within bounds.

345. satavartah: He who has several incarnations to sustain dharma

346. padmi: He who carries the lotus in His hand.

347. padma-nibhekshanah: One who has eyes which resemble the lotus.

Shlokha 38:

348. padma-nabhah: One with a lotus-like navel.

349. aravindakshah: The Lotus-eyed.

350. padma-garbhah: He who is installed in a lotus.

351. sarira-bhrt: The Protector of the bodies of everyone through food and life-energy.

352. maharddhih: He of immense riches.

353. rddhah: One who keeps growing; Prosperous.

354. vrddhatma: One who is full-grown.

355. mahakshah: One with Great Eyes.

356. garuda-dvajah: One who has Garuda in His banner.

Shlokha 39:

257. atulah: One who is the Incomparable.

358. sarabhah: The Destroyer of evil.

359. bhimah: The Formidable.

360. samayajnah: The Knower of the conventions.

361. havir-harih: Hari who is the recipient of the havis offered in the yajna.

362. sarva-lakshna-lakshanyah: He who is the abode of all the auspicious qualities

363. lakshmIvan: He who is always with Lakshmi.

364. samtinjayah: He who is victorious in battles.

Shlokha 40:

365. viksharah: He who never wanes.

366. rohitah: He who is of red complexion.

367. margah: He who is sought after.

368. hetuh: The Cause.

369. damodarah: One who was tied around His waist by ropes by Yashodha.

370. sahah: He who has patience.

371. mahidharah: The Supporter of the Earth.

372. mahi-bhagah: He who is extremely Fortunate.

373. vegavan: He who is quick.

374. amitasanah: The voracious Eater