Match Your Kundali

Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 97-100)

Pooruruttadi 97-100 Vishnu names

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 906-940 out of 1000 and Shlokha 97-100 can be mapped to Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra. People with Moon in this nakshatra can chant these names for Spiritual upliftment.

Shlokha 97:

906. a-raudrah: He Who is not driven to anger easily.

907. Kundali: He Who is bedecked with beautiful ear-rings.

908. cakri: One with the Discus in His arm.

909. vikrami: He Who has great prowess.

910. urjita-sasanah: He of inviolable commands.

911. sabdatigah: He Who is beyond words.

912. sabda-sahah: He Who shoulders the burden

913. sisirah: He Who rushed to render help.

914. sarvari-karah: He Who had the destructive weapons in his hands.

Shlokha 98:

915. a-krurah: He Who was not cruel.

916. pesalah: He Who is charming and soft

917. dakshath: He Who removes evil elements very quickly

918. dakshinah: He Who is pleasing and amiable.

919. kshaminam-varah: The foremost in bearing the burden of protection of His devotees

920. vidvat-tamah: The Best among those who know what to do.

921.  vIta-bhayah: He because of Whom fear is dispelled.

922. punya-sravana-kIrtanah: He Whose nama sravanam and kirtanam are purifying.

Shlokha 99:

923. uttaranah: He Who lifts up.

924. dushkrti-ha: He Who slays the evil-doers

925. punyah: The Purifier.

926. dus_svapna-nasanah: The Remover of evil dreams.

927. vIra-ha: He Who is most powerful.

928. rakshanah: The Savior.

929. santah: He Who makes those who have sought refuge in Him prosper.

930. jivanah: The Life-Giver.

931. paryavasthitah: He Who stands beside.

Shlokha 100:

932. ananta-rupah: He of infinite Forms.

933. ananta-srih: He of infinite wealth, glory, power, etc.

934. jita-manyuh: He Who has conquered His anger.

935. bayapahah: He Who destroys the fear in the mind of the devotee.

936. catur-asrah:  One Who is skilled in all aspects. 

937. gabhiratma: He of deep and profound nature. 

938. vidisah: One Who can be reached from all directions. 

939. vyadisah: He Who appoints the different gods in their respective positions

940. disah: He Who commands.