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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 41-44)

Vishnu Sahasranamam Purva Phalguni Naksht

Names of Vishnu Sahasranamam starting from 375 to 417 out of 1000 names. Slokha 41-44 out of 108. People with moon in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra can chant these names of Lord Vishnu for Spiritual upliftment.

Shlokha 41:

375. udbhavah: He who removes and is beyond the bondage of samsara.

376. khsobhanah: The Creator of beauty.

377. devah: He who is the light.

378. srI-garbhah: He who has Lakshmi in Him in the form of the Universe.

379. paramesvarah: The Supreme God.

380. karanam: The Means.

381. karanam: The Cause

382. karta: The Agent.

383. vikarta: He who undergoes modifications.

384. gahanah: He who is deep.

385. guhah: The Savior.

Shlokha 42:

386. vyavasayah: The Pivot of the solar system.

387. vyavasthanah: The basis.

388. samsthanah: The final end.

389. sthana-dah: The Giver of the Supreme Abode.

390. dhruvah: The fixed pole star.

391. pararddhih: He who is full of noble and auspicious qualities.

392. parma-spashtah: He whose greatness is explicit.

393. tushtah: He who is full of happiness.

394. pushtah: He who is full of noble qualities.

395. subekshanah: He who has auspicious eyes.

Shlokha 43:

396. ramah: He who delights others.

397. viramah: He before whom all become powerless.

398. virajo-margah: He who shows the flawless path.

399. neyah: He who lets Himself be governed by devotees

400. nayah: He who draws everyone towards Himself.

401. anayah: He who cannot be spirited away.

402.  virah: Valiant

403. saktimatam-sreshthah: The Greatest among the powerful.

404. dharmah: Virtue Incarnate.

405. dharmavid-uttamah: The foremost among those who are conscious of dharma.

Shlokha 44

406. vaikunthah: Remover of obstacles to merge the soul. 

407. purushah: The Purifier.

408. pranah: The vital life -breath.

410. pranamah: He who deserves to be worshiped.

411. prthuh: Well-known.

412. hiranya-garbhah: He who delights everyone’s heart.

413. satru-ghnah: The Slayer of the enemies.

414. vyaptah: He who is full of love and affection.

415. vayuh: He who moves towards devotees.417. adhokshajah: He whose prominence