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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 65-68)

Anuradha Anizham After Radha Vishnu shlokha

Vishnu Sahasranamam names starting 612 and ending at 647 can be mapped to the Anuradha nakshatra. Shlokha 65-68 out of 108 are best suited for this nakshatra and person with moon in Anizham/Anuradha can chant these names of Lord Vishnu.

Shlokha 65:

612. Sridah: The Giver of Glories.  om Sridaya namh.

613. SriSah: He Who is the lord of Sri.

614. Srinivasah: He who is in The Abode of Lakshmi

615. Srinidhih: He in whom lakshmi or wealth resides.

616. Srivibhavanah: He who owes His greatness to Lakshmi.

617. Sridharah: The Bearer of Sri.

618. Srikarah: a) He who is with Lakshmi in his incarnations.

619. sreyas-sriman: He who has Lakshmi who is resorted to by devotees for attaining the good.

620. loka-trayasrayah: He Who is the Resort for all three worlds.

Shlokha 66:

621. svakshah: The Beautiful-Eyed.

622. sva’ngah: The Lovely-bodied.

623. SatAnandah:  He of infinite Bliss.

624. nandih: He who is ever delighted.

625. jyotir-gaNeSvarah: The Lord of the host of lustrous deities

626. vijitAtmA: He whose mind has been conquered by devotees.

627. vidheyAtmA: He who has the jiva-s as subservient to Him.

628. sat-kIrtih: He of true renown.

629. chinna-samSayah: The Dispeller of all doubts.

Shlokha 67:

630. udirnah: He Who visibly manifests Himself through His incarnations.

631. sarvatash-cakshuh: He Who is visible to the eyes of all.

632. anisah: He Who has no one above Him as the Master.

633. sasvata-sthirah: He Who is eternally existent and steady. 

634. bhusayah: He who lies inside every one of His creations as their antaryami.

635. bhushaNah: He Who becomes adorned

636. bhutih: He Who is the personification of Glory

637. asokah: He Who is without sorrow.

638. sokanasanah: The Destroyer of sorrows.

Shlokha 68:

639. arcishman: He Who has great luster.

640. arcitah: He Who is worshipped.  

641. kumbhah: He Who shines in this world.

642. visuddhatma: He of a pure nature.

643. visodhanah: The Purifier.

644. aniruddho:  One who cannot be restricted.

645. apratirathah: The Matchless.

646. pradyumnah: He Who illumines the jivas.

647. amitavikramah: He of immeasurable steps.