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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 69-72)

Vishnu sahasranamam Jyestha

Vishnu sahasranamam names from 648 to 683 – Shlokha 69-72 and can be mapped to the Jyestha Nakshatra.

Shlokha 69:

648. kalaneminiha: The destroyer of the wheel of ignorance of Time.

649. saurih: The son of Sura

651. sura-janesvarah: The Chief of the sura-s or the valiant people. 

652. tri-lokatma: He Who is the atma for everything in all the three worlds.

653. tri-lokesah: The Ruler of the three worlds.

654 kesavah: One who has beautiful locks of hair.

655. kesiha: He who killed the asura by name Kesi. 

656. harih: The green-hued.

Shlokha 70:

657. kama-devah: The One who grants all desires.

658. kama-palah: The Protector of those who desire Him.

659. kami: He who is of fulfilled desires.

660. kantah: He Who is charming.

661.krtagamah:  The Revealer of the sacred mantra-s to the pure-minded. 

662. anirdesya-vapuh: He of indefinable form.

663. vishnuh: The Pervader.

664. virah: The Valiant.

665. anantah: The Limitless.

666. dhananjayah: He Who surpasses all other wealth in being desired.

Shlokha 71:

667. brahmanyah: He who is beneficial to anyone pursuing Brahman.

668. brahma-krt-brahma: The Creator Who created Brahma

669. brahma: The Supreme Brahman, Paramatma. 

670. brahma-vivardhanah: He Who grows and nurtures everything in a big way

671. brahmavit: The Knower of the Vedas.

672. brahmanah: The Instructor of the Vedas.

673. brahmi: He who possesses all the brahmanic qualities

674. brahmanjah: The Knower of the inner meaning of the Vedas.

675. brahmana-priyah: He Who is specially liked by the brahamanas.

Shlokha 72:

676. mahakramah: He Who provides easy step-by-step access for the elevation of His devotee.

677. mahakarma:He of great actions.

678. mahatejah: He of great Resplendence.

679. mahoragah: He Who has the serpent ananta as His bed.

680. mahakratuh: He Who is worshiped by the great yagas.

681. mahayajva: He Who performs great sacrifices. 

682. mahayajnah:  He Who manifests Himself in the form of the best of yajnas.

683. mahahavih:  He Who is worshiped with supreme oblations.