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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 53-56)

Vishnu Shlokha 53 chitra

Shlokha 53-56 and names of lord Vishnu 496 to 533 out of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranamam. These names can be mapped to Chitra Nakshatra.

Shlokha 53:

496. uttarah: The Savior of devotees

497. go-patih: The Master of all words

498. gopta: The Savior.

499. jnana-gamyah: He who is to be realized by knowledge.

500. puratanah: The Ancient.

501. sarira-bhuta-bhrit: He who supports all the tattvas which constitute the sarira

502. bhokta: The Enjoyer.

503. kapindrah: The Lord of the monkeys.

504. bhuri-dakshinah: The giver of liberal gifts.

Shlokha 54:

505. somapah: He who drank the soma juice after performing sacrificial offerings in His Rama incarnation.

506 – amritapah: The drinker of nector.

507. somah: The Nectar orThe moon.

508. puru-jit: The Conqueror of all.

509. puru-sattamah: He who remains with the great.

510. vinayah: The Subduer.

511. jayah: He who is victorious.

512. satya-sandhah: He whose promises are always true.

513. dasarhah: He who is worthy of gifts.

514. sattvatam-patih: The Lord of the sattvatas.

Shlokha 55:

515. jivah: He who gives life to His devotees.

516. vinayita: He who shows the path to everyone.

517. sakshi: The witness.

518. mukundah: He who gives moksha.

519. amita-vikramah: He of boundless valor.

520. ambho-nidhih: He who has the waters as His abode

521. anantatma: The Inner Soul of ananta.

522. mahodadhi-sayah: He Who is reclining in the vast ocean.

523. antakah: He Who brings out the end of all.

Shlokha 56:

524. ajah: He who is not born.

525. maharhah: He who is worthy of worship.

526. svabhavyah: He who is to be meditated upon by those who belong to Him.

527. jitamitrah: a) He who helps His devotees conquer enemies such as anger, kamam, ahamkaram, mamakaram, etc.

528. pramodanah: He who is always joyful.

529. anandah: He Who is Bliss.

530. nandanah: The Bliss-Giver.

531. nandah: He Who is full of things that are Blissful.

532. satya-dharma: He Who performs His dharma truthfully.

533. tri-vikramah: He Who pervades the three Vedas and worlds.