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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 33-36)

Vishnu sahasranama names shlokha

Names of the Lord starting from 301 to 337 of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranama. These names of Lord Vishnu can be mapped to the Ashlesha Nakshatra lorded by Naga Devas.

It is good to chant these names of Vishnu if the moon of the person is in Ashlesha Nakshara.

Shlokha 33:

301. yugadi-krt: The Creator at the beginning of a yuga.

302. yugavartah: He who revolves the yugas.

303. naika-mayah: He who is responsible for wonders.

304. mahasanah: He who is a voracious eater.  

305. adrsyah: He Who cannot be seen.

306. vyakta-rupah: He of a manifest form. 

307. sahasra-jit: The Conqueror of thousands. 

308. ananta-jit: One whose victory is endless.

Shlokha 34:

309. ishTah: One who is liked by everyone.

310. aviSishTah: He who is impartial to everyone.

311. SishTeshTah: He who is dear to eminent persons.

312. SikhanDI: He who wears a peacock feather.

313. nahushah: One who binds.

314. vRshah: He who is the embodiment of dharma.

315. krodha-hA: He who does not have anger.

316. krodha-kRt: He who developed anger.

317. kartA: He who slays.

318. viSva-bAhuh: He who has arms for the good of the world.

319. mahI-dharah: The Supporter of the world.

Shlokha 35:

320. acyutah: He who does not fall from His status.

321. prathitah: One who is famous and with great reputation.

322. pranah: The Life-Breath.

323. prana-dah: The Life-Giver.

324. vasavanujah: The younger brother of vasava or indra.

325. apam-nidhih: The Sustainer of the waters of the ocean.

326. adhishthanam: The Support.

327. apramattah: The Vigilant.

328. pratishthitah: He who is self-dependent.

Shlokha 36:

329. skandha: He who destroys.

330. skanda-dharah: The Supporter of skanda.

331. dhuryah: The Supporter.

332. vara-dah: The Grantor of boons.

333. vayu-vahanah: He who has Vayu as His vehicle.

334. vasu-devah: He who pervades everywhere

335. brhad-bhanuh: He who has brightness

336. adi-devah: The First Deity.

337. purandarah: The Destroyer of the sufferings.