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Vishnu Sahasranama(Shlokha 9-12)

Vishnu names

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 75 to 114 out of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranama. These names can be mapped to the Krithika Nakshatra which is lorded by Agni Deva.

Chanting of these names are beneficial if the Moon of a Native is in Krithika Nakshatra.

Shlokha 9:

75. Isvarah: The God:Ruler

76. Vikram: The most courageous and powerful

77. Dhanvi: The wielder of the bow

78. Medhavi: One who has good memory

79. Vikramah: One with great strides such as in the Vamana incarnation

80. Kramah: One who is the basis for the order in the Universe

81. Anuttamah: One for whom there is nothing superior or better.

82. Duradharshah: One who cannot be overcome by others

83.  Krtajnah: One who is grateful

84.  Krtih: One who leads to good deeds

85.  Atmavan: The real owner of souls

Shlokha 10:

86. Suresah: The Lord of all the other gods.

87. Saranam: One who is the Refuge

88. Sarma: One who is Bliss.

89. Visvaretah: The seed for the Universe.

90. Prajabhavah: One from whom all beings have originated.

91. Ahah: Protector of Devotees

92. Samvatsarah: He who lives for the upliftment of His devotees.

93. Vyalah: One who is beyond grasp

94. Pratyayah: One who can be relied upon

95. Sarvadarsanah: One who shows his grace to all

Shlokha 11:

96. Ajah: Unborn and the Remover of all obstacles

97. Sarvesvarah: One who is the isvara for all isvaras.

98. Siddhah: One who is reachable and knowledgeable.

99. Siddhih: The Goal.

100. Sarvadih: The Origin or Cause of all things.

101. Acyutah: One who undergoes no changes like birth, decay etc.

102. Vrishakapih: One who lifted the Earth from the waters of adharma in the form of Varaaha.

103. Ameyatma: One whose nature cannot be comprehended.

104. Aarva yoga vinissritah: One who is beyond any attachment.

Shlokha 12:

105. Vasuh: One who dwells in the hearts of His devotees.

106. Vasumanah: One who has good mind

107. Satyah : The Truth.

108. Samatma: One who has a balanced mind.

109. Sammitah: The One Truth who is accepted by the Rsihis and revealed in the Upanishads. 

110. Samah: One who treats all His devotees equally.

111. Amoghah: One who always gives fruits to those who worship him.

112. Pundarikakshah: One whose eyes are beautiful like the lotus flower.

113. Vrishakarma: One who is of righteous actions.

114. Vrishakriti: One who is an embodiment of dharma.