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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 93-96)

871-905 names of Lord Vishnu

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 871 to 905 out of 1000 names- Shlokha 93 to 96 out of 108 Shlokhas. Person with Moon in Shatabhishak Nakshatra can chant these names of Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Shlokha 93:

871. sattva-van: He Who controls the sattva guna that paves the way for liberation

872. Sattvikah:  He Who confers the fruits of sattva guna

873. Satyah: One Who is well-disposed towards pious souls.

874. satya-dharma-parayanah: He Who is pleased with the true dharma practiced by His devotees

875. abhiprayah: He Who is the object of choice.

876. priyarhah: He Who is rightly the object of love.

877. arhah: The greatest Lord to be worshipped.

878. priya-krt: He Who does what is wanted by others.

879. prIti-vardhanah: Who increases the joy of His devotees

Shlokha 94:

880. vihayasa-gatih: He Who is the means for the attainment of paramapadam

881. Jyotih: The Light that leads to Sri Vaikuntham and is self-luminous.

882. su-rucih: He of lovely effulgence

883. huta-bhug-vibhuh: He that is the Bright Fortnight of the Moon.

884. ravih: The Sun with his brilliance.

885. virocanah: He of various splendors – such as Sun, moon, day, night, etc.

886. suryah: One who generates Sri or brilliance in surya or agni.

887. Savita: He Who produces or brings life in the form of the Sun.

888. ravi-locanah: He Who illuminates.

Shlokha 95:

889. ananta-huta-bhug-bhokta: He Who is indra and brahma

890. sukha-dah: The Giver of Bliss to His devotees.

891. naika-dah: The Giver of many things

892. agra-jah: He Who manifests in front of the mukta-s.

893. a-nir-vinnah: He Who is not tired of fulfilling the wishes of His devotees.

894. sada-marshI: He Who is ever patient

895. lokadhishthanam: The Support of all the worlds.

896. adbhutah: He Who is extremely wonderful.

Shlokha 96:

897. sanat: The Object of enjoyment.

898. sanatana-tamah: The Most Ancient.

899. kapilah: He Who is of beautiful complexion.

900. kapir-avyayah: He Who enjoys the never-diminishing Bliss.

901. svasti-dah: The Giver of Auspiciousness.

902. svasti-krt: The Doer of good to the devotees. 

903. svasti: He Who is Auspiciousness.

904. svasti-bhuk: The Protector of all that is auspicious. 

905. svasti-dakshinah: He Who gives auspicious things as dakshina to his devotees.