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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 73-76)

Image of Vishnu

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from Shlokha 73 to 76 – starting from 684 to 721 and these names can be mapped to the Mula Nakshatra.

Shlokha 73:

684. stavyah: He Who is worthy of praise.

685. stava-priyah: He Who is pleased by the praise in whatever form it is offered.

686. stotram: The ultimate chant.

687. stutah: He Who is praised.

688. stota: He Who praises those who extol Him.

689. rana-priyah:  He Who delights in battle.

690. purnah:  He Who is complete.

691. purayita: The Fulfiller of the desires of His devotees.

692. punyah: The Purifier.

693. punya-kirtih:  He Whose kirti or praise is also purifying

694. anamayah: He Who is beyond pain or suffering

Shlokha 74:

695. mano-javah: He Who is swift as thought.

696. tIrtha-karah: He Who is the source of the holy waters.

697. vasu-retah: The Source of Luster.

698. vasu-pradah: The Giver of Treasure.

699. Vasu-Pradah: The giver of glory.

700. vasu-devah: The presiding Deity of the dwadasakshari 12-lettered vasu-deva mantra.

701. vasuh: The Dweller in the hearts of His devotees. 

702. vasu-manah: He Who has a pure mind without any afflictions.

703. havih:  He who is the Sacrificial Offering.

Shlokha 75:

704. sadgatih:  He Who who provides the right path for the good.

705. satkrtih: He who is full of good actions.

706. satta: Existence Incarnate.

707. sadbhutih: He Who is endowed with rich glories

708. satparayanam: The Support for the good.

709. sura-senah: He with a valiant army.

710. yadu-sreshthah: The pre-eminent among the Yadavas.

711. sannivasah: The Abode of the saintly.

712. suyamunah: He Who lifts up and protects the jivas during the time of pralaya.

Shlokha 76:

713. bhutavasah: He Who is the abode of all creatures.

714. vasudevah: He who is the light 

715. sarvasunilayah: The Abode and support of all souls.

716. analah: He Who is never satisfied that He has done enough for His devotees.

717. darpaha:  The Destroyer of pride.

718. darpa-dah:  The Bestower of beauty and attractiveness in everything.

719. adrptah:  He Who is not proud Himself.

720. durdharah: He Who is difficult to control

721. aparajitah:  The Invincible.