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Mulam- The root

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Origin of nakshatras:

Moola Diety Niritti
  • There are 27 nakshatras as per the Vedic astrology practised in Hindu tradition each of them occupying 13.20 degrees.
  • Based on the position of the moon at the time of birth, the nakshatra of a newly born is determined, and predictions are made for the upcoming future and nature of the native.
  • The nature of native depends on the specificity of the nakshatra — for instance, kama, artha, dharma, Moksha etc.
  • Nakshatra plays an indispensable role in one’s birth chart even more than the zodiac signs.
  • Every planet associated with the nakshatra radiates positive or negative effects on the star based on its position.
  • Among the 27 nakshatras, some are dreadful which cast evil effects, and essential remedies have to make to cascade those effects.

Mula Nakshatra

Moolam Trishul

Mula nakshatra occupies 19th position in the Vedic astrology and belongs to the Sagittarius sign.

The word ‘mula’ literally means root or is sometimes used to refer to a group of roots tied together. Therefore, it is often said that people born under this nakshatra are those who are keenly inclined towards research and always delve deeper into the facts they come across.

It is believed that the milky way galaxy lies in this nakshatra. Therefore, the name ‘mula’ or central is conferred upon it.

The deity associated with the nakshatra is Niriti who is also considered as lord of destruction and is hailed as contemporary of goddess Kali.

The names of people belonging to this nakshatra begin with ye, yo, bha or bhi.

It is a lower class star and belongs to ‘rakshasa’ gana. The main motive is ‘kama’.

The shape of the constellation like a dragon’s tail.

It ranges from 0.00’ to 13.20’.

Positive traits:

Moola Nakshatra Root
  • These people are ambitious and self-dependent in their life.
  • As the root keeps hold of the whole plant, similarly these people have a strong hold over their lives and are bestowed with creative powers.
  • They perform well in the careers associated with agriculture and have a keen interest in gardening.
  • If the stars remain in favour of the native, these people attain great heights in life and lead a luxurious life.
  • These people have high levels of freedom and are free from any self-doubt. Thus, they use their creativity independently in the right direction.
  • They have a charming persona with attractive eyes.
  • They have pre-decided principles to be followed in life, and therefore, adverse circumstances fail to disappoint them.
  • Highly optimistic by nature and leave things on destiny at times.
  • Successful in the field of business if learn the ability to handle financial resources. They are good writers and perform well in the field of fine arts.

Negative traits:

The Root Image of Moola
  • At some point in time, these people become victims of ill fortune, and this brings resentment to their life.
  • The stars associated with this nakshatra are often associated with negativity and not true.
  • They are haughty and stubborn.
  • Often carry destructive thoughts in their mind, and it is the main culprit for their unhappiness.
  • Mulam Natives are very clever.
  • They are self-destructive, i.e. can destroy their roots if stars are poring evil effects on the native.
  • They are unable to handle their financial resources efficiently. This often puts them into debt.
  • They are not stable in their professional life and keep on changing their profession frequently.
  • They are prone to falling sick at regular intervals. Therefore, it is advisable that natives of Mula nakshatra should lay special emphasis on their health.

Female characteristics:

Mula Charectoristics
  • The female natives of ‘mula nakshatra’ have a troublesome life as far as their relationships are concerned. This is the result of their very own temperament and inability to make compromises.
  • Health troubles continuously due to mental problems.
  • At times, they may have to face utter loneliness in life.

Male characteristics:

Moola Nakshatra
  • Men are good organisers. They use their diplomatic skills efficiently to handle their surroundings and the people around them.
  • They make good politicians and mesmerise people with their good oratory skills. However, owing to their destructive mindset, they might fail to make to their promises and turn out to be unfaithful for people associated with them.  
  • They prosper in life by their efforts and get negligible support from the side of their family.
The position of the moon in different padas:
  • 1st pada- It ranges from 0.00′ to 3.20′. They possess good knowledge about their respective fields, but laziness hampers their progress.
  • 2nd pada: It ranges from 3.20′ to 6.40′. They are truthful. But, suffer from diseases related to the heart and eyes.  
  • 3rd pada: It ranges from 6.40′ to 10.00′. They are beautiful but indulge in destructive activities.
  • 4th pada: It ranges from 10.00′ to 13.20′. They are clever but wise at the same time and are capable of defeating their opponents.  
Other characteristics of the mool nakshatra:
  • Planet in-charge: Ketu
  • Sacred tree: black dammar
  • Ruling body part: left torso
  • Sacred bird: red vulture
  • Ruling Element: air
Mula Nakshatra