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Vishnu Sahasranamam(Shlokha 89-92)

Names of Lord Vishnu 830-870

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 830 to 870 – Shlokha 89-92 and can be mapped to Dhanishta/Avittam Nakshatra.

Shlokha 89:

830. sahasrarcih: The Thousand-rayed who illumines everything in this Universe.

831. sapta-jihvah: The seven-tongued.

832. saptaidhah: One Who is kindled in the form of fire by the seven kinds of offerings.

833. sapta-vahanah: He Who has seven vehicles in the form of the seven Vedic mantra-s represented by the seven horses of the Sun:

834. a-murtih: He Who does not have a body that is affected by karma

835. an-aghah: He Who is of blemishless character.

836. a-cintyah: He Who cannot be completely comprehended in our minds.

837. bhya-krt: He Who causes fear.

838. bhaya-nasanah: He Who destroys fear.

Shlokha 90:

839. anuh: He Who has the power of being smaller than anything small that is known to us.

840. brhat: The Great.

841. krsah: He Who is lighter than the light and is thinner than anything thin

842. sthulah: He Who is immense. 

843. guna-bhrt: He Who supports the three guNa-s of sattva, rajas, and tamas.

844. nir-gunah: He Who is bereft of the common qualities and has special flavours.

845. mahan: He Who is supreme in everything.

846. a-dhrtah: The Unconstrained. 

847. sva-dhrtah: He Who is Self-sustained and superior

848. svasyah: He Who has a glorious status and is superior over the mukta-s.

849. prag-vamsah: He Who is the cause of the eternally free souls

850. vamsa-vardhanah: He Who keeps His progeny growing 

Shlokha 91:

851. bhara-bhrt: He Who shoulders the burden.

852. kathitah: He Whose greatness is extolled by all the Vedas, Puranas, etc.

853. yogI: He Who is endowed with super-human powers. 

854. yogisah: He Who is the foremost Lord of all yogins.

855. sarva-kama-dah: He Who bestows all desires.

856. asramah: He Who provides an abode of rest for the seekers.

857. Sramanah: He Who makes it possible to continue the effort of uncompleted yoga in the next birth. 

858. ksamah:  He Who alone is left behind at the time of pralaya. 

859. suparnah: One Who has beautiful wings and He has suparna – Garuda as His vahana.

860. vayu-vahanah: He Who makes the wind flow for the benefit of sustaining life.

Shlokha 92:

861. dhanur-dharah: The wielder of the bow.

862. dhanur-vedah: The Propounder of the science of archery.

863. dandah: He Who is verily the weapon (power) of yama – the danda.

864. damayita: The Subduer of the enemies of His devotees.

865. a-damah: He Who is not subdued by anyone.

866. a-parajitah: He Who is invincible.

867. sarva-sahah: The Supporter of all the other deities.

868. niyanta: He Who directs.

869. niyamah: He Who controls. 

870. yamah: He Who is beyond yama or mrityu . S