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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 85-88)

Vishnu Sahasranamam Shravana Image

Names of Lord Vishnu starting from 796 to 829 out of 1000 names. These names can be mapped to Sravana Nakshatra and a person with Moon in this Nakshatra can chant these names of Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Shlokha 85:

796. udbhavah: He Who rose above samsara.

797. Sundarah: He Who is handsome. 

798. sundah: He Who is soft to His devotees.

799. ratna-nabhah: He with a gem-like navel.

800. su-locanah: One with beautiful eyes.

801. Arkah: He Who is praised.

802. vaja-sanih: He Who provides for the nourishment of all His creation.

803. sr’ngi: He Who had a horn in His matsya and varAha incarnations.

804. jayantah: The Conquerer.

805. sarva-vij-jayI: He Who is Omniscient and Victorious.

Shlokha 86:

806. suvarna-binduh: He Who has a beautiful form with golden-colored beautiful limbs

807. a-kshobhyah: He who is unshaken by desire.

808. sarva-vag-isvara-isvarah: The Lord of all who have a mastery over all words.

809. maha-hradah: He Who has created the great oceans so that the earth does not become completely dry and perish.

810. maha-gartah: The Great Charioteer of mahabharata fame. 

811. maha-bhutah: He Who considers great men as His own. 

812. maha-nidhih: He Who has the great treasure in the form of His devotees.  

Shlokha 87:

813. kumudah: He Who is on this earth with delight by enjoying the association with His devotees.

814. kundarah: The Bestower of the knowledge of the Supreme Reality

815. kundah: He Who cleanses the sins of His devotees. 

816. parjanyah: He Who bestows His blessings on the devotees like the rain-cloud. 

817. pavanah: He Who is the forrn of the wind. 

818. anilah: He Who is easily accessible to His devotees

819. amrtasah: He Who feeds His devotees with the Nectar –

820. amrta-vapuh: He of a Nectar-like body. 

821. sarvaj~nah: He Who knows all. 

822. sarvato-mukhah: Vishnu Who has faces on all sides.

Shlokha 88:

823. su-labhah: He Who can be easily attained.

824. su-vratah: He Who has taken a good and strong vow.

825. siddhah: He Whose protection is ever available for his devotees.

826. Satru-jit-satru-tapanah: He Who occupies the bodies of Satru- jits to torment His devotees’ enemies.

827. nyag-rodhodumbarah: He Who has the most auspicious SrI vaikuntham as His abode and He Who is `above the sky’

828. asvattah: He Who has established the demi-gods for performing various functions

829. canurandhra-nishudanah; He Who slew the wrestler by name canura.