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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 77-80)

Vishnu sahasranamam 77 shlokha

Names of Lord Vishnu starting 722 to 762 – Shlokha 77 to 80. These names can be mapped to Pooradam/ Purva Ashada Nakshatra.

Shlokha 77:

722. visvamurtih: He Who has the Universe as His body.

723. mahamurtih: He of Immense form

724. diptamurtih:  He with a shining form.

725. amurtiman: He Who has no fixed Forms

726. anekamurtaye: He of many forms.

727. avyaktaha:  He Who cannot be easily realized. 

728. Satamurtisa: He with a hundred forms. 

729. satanana: He Who is many-faced.

Shlokha 78:

730. Ekah: One Who is Unique and matchless in all respects.

731. naikah: He Who is not One only.

732. sah: He Who spreads knowledge.

733. vah: The Dweller.

734. kah: He Who shines.

735. kim: He Whose praise is sung by His devotees,

736. yat: That Which already exists. 

737. tat: He Who increases the kIrti of His devotees. 

738. padam anuttamam: The Supreme Goal. 

739. loka-bandhuh: One to Whom everything is bound since He is their Support. 

740. loka-nathah: The Protector of the world. 

741. Madhavah: The Consort of Lakshmi.

742. bhakta-vatsalah: Affectionate towards the devotees

Shlokha 79:

743. suvarna-varnah: The golden-hued.

744. hema’ngah: He of golden-hued limbs.

745. vara’ngah: a) He Who displayed His Divine Form to devaki in response to her prayers. 

746. candana’ngadI: He Who is adorned with delightful armlets.

747. viraha: The Slayer of the strong demons. 

748. vishamah: He Who destroyed the effect of the poison that was consumed by rudra during the churning of the Milk Ocean.

749. sunyah: He Who is without any attributes

750. ghrtasIh: He Who sprinkles the world with prosperity

751. a-calah: He Who is unshakable against His enemies.

752. calah: He Who moves

Shlokha 80:

753. a-manI: He Who is not proud. 

754. mana-dah:  He Who honors others

755. manyah: The Object of honor.

756. loka-svamI: The Master of the Universe.

757. tri-loka-dhrt:  He Who supports the three worlds

758. su-medhah: He who has good intentions.

759. medha-jah: He Who was born as a result of a sacrifice. 

760. dhanyah: The Blessed.

761. satya-medhah: He of true thoughts

762. dharadharah: He Who supports the earth.