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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 49-52)

Names of Vishnu Hasta

Slokha 49-52 and names of Vishnu from 456-495 and can be mapped to the Hasta Nakshatra

Shlokha 49:

456. su-vratah: He who protects anyone who surrenders.

457. su-mukhah: He with a charming face.

458. sukshmah: Subtle, delicate and difficult to comprehend.

459. su-ghoshah: He who is praised by the delightful voice of the Vedas.

461. su-hrt: The good-hearted and a true Friend.

462. mano-harah: He who captivates the heart.

463. jita-krodhah: He who has overcome anger.

464. vIra-bahuh: He of mighty arms.

465. vidaranah: He who cuts the sins of His devotees.

Shlokha 50:

466. svapanah: He who lulls people into sleep.

467. sva-vasah: He who is under His own control.

468. vyapi: The Pervader.

469. naikatma: He of diverse forms.

470. naika-karma-krt: He who performs diverse acts.

471. vatsarah: He who lives within all beings and in whom everything resides.

473. vatsi: He who possesses lots of calves and children

474. ratna-garbhah: He who is in possession of abundant wealth.

475. dhanesvarah: The quick giver of wealth.

Shlokha 51:

476. dharma-gup: He who protects dharma.

477. dharma-krt: He who induces His devotees to follow dharma.

478. dharmi: He who has dharma as an instrument.

479. sat: He who is commendable.

480. aksharam (sat): He whose existence is never diminished or destroyed in any way.

481. a-sat: That which does not exist now, but existed in the past as well as future.

482. asat-ksharam: He who moves away from the bad.

483. avijnata: The Non-cognizant.

484. sahasramsuh: He who has a thousand rays

485. vidhata: a) The Supreme Controller.

486. krta-lakshanah: He who has prescribed the distinguishing characteristics for the pious.

Shlokha 52:

487. gabhasti-nemih: He who has the effulgent cakra as His weapon.

488. sattva-sthah: He who is in the hearts of the devotees.

489. simhah: He who took the nrisimha form.

490. bhuta-mahesvarah: The Supreme Lord of all beings.

491. adi-devah: He who is the first cause and is endowed with effulgence.

492. maha-devah: The greatest god.

493. devesah: The Ruler of Gods.

494. deva-bhrit: The Supporter of gods. 

495. guruh: The teacher.