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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Shlokha 45-48)


Names of Vishnu Sahasranamam starting from 417 to . Slokhas 45-48 out of 108 and these names can be mapped to the Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Shlokha 45:

417. rtuh: He who is the Seasons

418. sudarsanah: He who provides auspicious vision.

419. kalah: He who measures everyone’s karma and doles out the phala.

420. parameshthi: He who resides in the Supreme Abode, Sriviakuntham.

421. parigrahah: He who takes all with Him.

422. ugrah: The Formidable.

423. samvatsarah: He in whom everything resides.

424. dakshah: He who is quick in action.

425. visramah: The Place of Rest.

426. visva-dakshinah: He who is well-disposed towards all.

Shlokha 46:

427. vistarah: He who is spread out in everything.

428. sthavar-sthanuh: He who is tranquil after establishing the dharma.

429. pramanam: The Authority.

430. bijam-avyayam: The Seed Imperishable.

431. arthah: The Goal

432. anarthah: He who is not the goal for some.

433. maha-kosah: He who has a great treasure.

434. maha-bhogah: He who has objects of great enjoyment.

435. maha-dhanah: He of great wealth.

Shlokha 47:

436. anirvinnah: He who is never despondent.

437. sthavishthah: He who is Immense.

438. bhuh: The supporter.

439. dharma-yupah: He who is united with dharma.

440. maha-makhah: The Great yajna-svarupi.

441. nakshatra-nemih: He who makes the stars move.

442. nakshatri: He who is the stars.

443. kshamah: He who is competent.

444. kshamah: He who is in a diminished form.

445. samihanah: He who establishes and assigns duties to all others.

Shlokha 48:

446. yajnah: The Sacrifice.

447. ijyayah: He who is the only to be worshipped.

448. mahejyah: He who is the best among all to be worshipped.

449. kratuh: He who is to be worshipped through the sacrifices called kratus.

450. satram: He who is worshipped by the sacrifice called satram.

451. satam gatih: The Goal of the pious.

452. sarva-darsI: The one who knows and can see everything.

453. nivrttatma:  He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.

454. sarvajnah: The Omniscient. 

455. jnanam-uttamam: The Greatest Knowledge.