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Vishnu Sahasranamam ( Shlokha 25-28)

Ardra Nakshatra and Vishnu Image

Names of the Lord starting from 230 to 265 of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranama. These names of Lord Vishnu can be mapped to the Punarvasu Nakshatra lorded by Aditi who is Spouse of Aditya ( Surya).

Chanting the below mentioned names of the god is considered good if the Moon of a Native is in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Lord Sri Rama is said to have his moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Shlokha 25:

230. avartanah: He who turns the wheel of worldly life or samsara.

231. nivrittatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly desires.

232. samvritah: He who remains hidden.

233. sampra-mardanah: The dispeller of darkness.

234. ahah-samvartakah: The regulator of time.

235. vahnih: One who is the bearer of fire.

236. anilah: One who is the Giver of life-breath.

237. dharani-dharah: The bearer of the Earth.

Shlokha 26:

238.  su-prasadah: The Giver of good favors.

239.  prasannatma: He with a delightful nature.

240.  visva-srit: The Creator of the Universe.

241.  visvabhug-vibhuh: He who pervades all things and protects them.

242.  satkarta: He who honors the good.

243.  satkritah: He who is worshipped by the sadhus.

244. sadhuh: One who carries out the wishes of his devotees.

245.  jahnuh: The Concealer.

246.  narayanah: The Supporter of all the souls.

247.  narah: He who is imperishable.

Shlokha 27:

248. asankhyeyah: One whose attributes are Innumerable.

249. aprameyatma: One who cannot be known through knowledge.

250. visishtah: He who is Superior.

251. sishta-krt: He who makes His devotees eminent.

252. Sucih: One who is Pure.

253. siddharthah: One who is in possession of all desirable things.

254. siddha-sankalpah: One whose wishes are always fulfilled.

255. siddhi-dah: The bestower of siddhi-s or super-human powers.

256. siddhi-sadhanah: One who makes the means for siddhi pleasant.

Shlokha 28:

257. vrishahi: One who shines in the form of dharma.

258. vrishabhah: a) He who showers his grace.

259. vishnuh: One who pervades everything.

260. vrisha-parva: He who has provided the steps of dharma to reach Him.

261. vrishodarah: One who has dharma as his belly.

262. vardhanah: He who nourishes.

263. vardhamanah: He who grows.

264. viviktah: He who is unique.

265. sruti-sagarah: He who is the sea where all Vedas take us.