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Saturn Mahadasha: Effects, Antardasha And Remedies

Saturn - Astrology for job

Are you working hard for a long time and still only having enough for hand-to-mouth? Success and appraisal seem far distant while your juniors are leaving you behind? Stomach problems are not allowing you to have a happy and healthy life? And if as much as you try, you are in a state of confusion in terms of career and education. Then you must accept that you are going through a Shani Mahadasha. It lasts for 19 years and can have effects ranging from loss of appetite, diabetes to fatal accidents and death.

Saturn Mahadasha

The planet Saturn governs life, death, wealth, home, children, results of the legal suit, theft, illness related to intestines. Saturn is not a difficult pattern always, instead it can have some good effects on you. Like, you become a great scholar or government officer under its influence. 

Lord of Saturn – Shani

Saturn is a planet with powers to change your lives significantly. It is capable of turning gold into ashes, on the other hand, it can shower you with gold. A good Saturn will take you towards business in industries like machinery, furnace, leather, cement, wood, iron, oil, and transport. Saturn is good in houses 2nd, 3rd and 7th to 12th house, whereas in 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses it is bad.

Effects of Saturn Mahadasha

  • Good and robust health
  • Congenial relationship with siblings
  • Get the company of influential and rich friends
  • Knowledge, intelligence
  • Win over enemies
  • Beautiful life partner and happy conjugal life
  • Modesty, intelligence and knowledge are enhanced, inclination towards charity and skilled in arts and crafts.

When Saturn is in your favor :

  • The purchase of vehicles, clothes, gold and wealth gives satisfaction.
  • Faith in God and interest in the construction of temples may prevail.
  • One may bring name and fame to the family.
  • State authority, honor and progress at work are seen in the birth chart.
Loss In Business
Loss In Business

When Saturn is cruel, ‘ Drashkanastha’, then

  • Father may be harmed or expire.
  • Enmity with friends.
  • Wealth, spouse, children, and siblings may face problems.
  • Stomach problems due to incorrect eating habits is possible.
  • Financial condition will deteriorate
  • Restlessness and fear of the powerful, thieves, fire and poison.
  • Opposition from relatives, domestic crisis and disagreement with workers.
  • Loss of wealth, fear from those in authority, mental unrest and ailments related to eyes and kidneys may happen.
  • The spouse may suffer and elders in the family may be in pain.

Effect of the Saturn Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Loss of Property Due To Saturn Mahadasha
Loss of Property Due To Saturn Mahadasha
  • You feel physical lethargy and lack of enthusiasm.
  • Obstacles at work, shortage of money, migration and indebtedness.
  • Gastric problems, ailments related to stomach occur.
  • Emotions like anger and jealousy prohibit a peaceful life.
  • Problems between husband and wife occur.
  • Attain a high position in government, happiness from wife and children.
  • Fear or danger from the government and further imprisonment.
  • Bleeding gums, dysentery can take place.
  • You will have to leave your homeland, relatives and family
  • Mental harmony and depression can cause loss of health

Effect of the Saturn Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Financial loss
Financial loss
  • Fear of imprisonment and unhappy circumstances occur.
  • Lowly, corrupt and wicked people may trap you in a controversy
  • Separation from wife and son is possible.
  • Nightmares and loss of wealth
  • Ailments caused by gas 
  • Loss of position, dangers, poverty, distress, foreign journeys, etc.
  • There can be a gain of wealth and enjoyment
  • Besides, spiritual tilt will make you visit holy places and sacred shrines 

Effect of the Saturn Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

  • The little result after rigorous hard work.
  • Shortage of mental enthusiasm
  • Anxiety-related to worldly comforts.
  • Quarrels with friends.
  • Physical ailments like gastric attacks, fever.
  • Conflict with the sons, danger from diseases, unnecessary expenditure,
  • Gain of wealth, devotion in deities and Brahmins 
Depression Caused By Saturn Effects
Depression Caused By Saturn Effects


Effects of Saturn cannot be curbed out totally but can be reduced to a considerable degree by following certain measures like:

Remedies for Saturn Mahadasha
Remedies for Saturn Mahadasha
  1. Rudra Abhishek- this is pouring of milk and water on Shiva Linga on Monday and Saturday.
  2. Donate black urad dal to poor people or drop it in a flowing river on Saturday.
  3. Light a lamp full of mustard oil in front of Lord Shani, the God of planet Saturn. Men can pour oil and black sesame seeds on the Lord.
  4. Worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday.
  5. Pray to Lord Shiva and pour the milk mixed with black sesame seeds, especially on Saturday..
  6. See your shadow in a bowl of mustard oil as well as donate it on Saturdays.
  7. You can chant Saturn Mantra to remove negative effects.
  • “Om Hlim Sham Shanaye Namah”
  • “Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanayishraya Namah”
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