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Mars Mahadasha – Introduction, Effects, Significance and Remedies

Mars or Mangal is identified as one of the most potent and aggressive planets in Vedic Astrology. It’s known to bring in loads of adverse effects and Mars Mahadasha is considered an inauspicious period in astrological terms. Though it has good results in store, by large, its deemed to be a malefic planet due to its authoritative nature and the sheer lack of persistence and patience.

A Note on Planet Mars

Mars is considered the most fiery planet in the entire Solar System influencing a combative and stubborn attitude in the native. In other words, the individual under Mars influence is more inclined towards fighting. It’s not wrong to say that most hurdles in the natal chart of most individuals is because of Mars. It can lead a person to wickedness and have bad impacts on the person. Other most common characteristics of Mangal influence are firm and potent attitude while increasing the possibilities of enemies.

Statue of Mars
Statue colossale de Mars (Pyrrhus)

Mars is an evil planet by nature and its placement in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house causes major disasters in the life of the native. His/her relationships too receives malefic effects of Mars.

Mars is also the planet to strengthen the weak path of the native and protects him/her from harm. But, all said and done, overall it’s not considered good for personal aspects of an individual.

Characteristics of Planet Mangal

While studying Mars Mahadasha, its crucial to study the effects in depth since they can have lasting impressions on the native. A thorough scrutiny is needed to determine whether Mars is really beneficial to the native.

Mars Mahadasha lasts for seven years and during this phase, the signature characteristics of Mars show up more actively than before. There will be a great need to take action towards goals and the warrior within will propel the action.

Mars Planet - Mars Mahadasha
Planet Mars

If observed, usually fire fighters, wrestlers, Military Personnel and policemen have Mars in either the 1st, 3rd, 6th or 10th house. These houses represent a battleground where lots of physical action take place with endless fighting. People in these professions will reach great heights during their Mars Mahadasha. This is the time when the houses under Mars influence become activated including the Nakshatra and planets residing in that Nakshatra too.

For these reasons, an individual will experience different aspects through the multi-dimensional approach.

Negative Effects of Mangal

When Mars fins itself in unfavorable houses, it sends malefic results in the native’s way. It will be seven years of disaster when Mars combines with Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The negative effects are:

  • It causes disputes, fights and legal issues
  • The native will experience extreme anger and creates enmity in personal and professional front
  • It causes severe injuries and surgeries due to accidents
  • There is a danger from fire too
  • Health issues like several types of pain and food poisoning can occur
  • There will be a lot of domestic quarrels
  • The can be imprisonment and loss of wealth
  • Financial instability takes over
  • The individual’s behavior will be below acceptable standards
  • There will be a lot of worry, anxiety and fear from unforeseen circumstances
  • It leads to unhappiness and constrained mood
Mars - Mars Mahadasha
Mars Phases

Benefits of Mars Mahadasha

Mangal also bestows the natives with beneficial effects when placed in favourable conditions. First and foremost, it can bring in loads of achievements for the native and promote robust health. The individual’s knowledge will increase and he/she will be successful in administrative fields.

It also gives the individual a sense of control and commands over people with the ability to get the job done in the right way. In turn, it will bestow the individual with loads of honour in the society and develop contact with individuals at higher levels.

Mangal’s Own Mahadasha and Antardasha

The Mars Mahadasha Mars Antardasha is the most powerful combination that completely dominates the native’s life during the 7-year cycle. The native will experience a huge increase in energy and courage. He/she will develop enormous aggression to achieve desires and goals. Additionally, there will be a major shift in achievements with excellent problem solving skills. This period also enhances career growth and increases financial gains to the maximum.

Mars Effects - Mars Mahadasha
Prediction of the effects of Mars

Mars Mahadasha Remedies

In this case, its very important to seek the guidance of a seasoned astrologer to arrive at suitable remedies. Some common remedies are:

  • Wear a gold ring fitted with Red Coral on Tuesday
  • Wear a 3-faced Rudraksha in the neck
  • Make sure to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily
  • Wear a Mangal Yantra as a pendant and also keep one in the pooja place at home
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