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Ketu Maha Dasha – Meaning, Effects, Significance and Remedies

Dasha in Astrology form a significant part in predicting future events and arriving at calculated results of terrestrial life. Dashas and Mahadashas consists of several sub-divisions, each with its own auspicious and inauspicious effects, depending on multiple combinations. Here, Ketu Maha Dasha holds a prominent place in the natal chart, having significant and long-lasting effects on the native that can last for several years into adulthood.

The Divine Nectar – A Piece of History

It all started when the divine nectar was distributed among the gods. It’s said in Ancient Hindu texts that a demon disguised himself as a god with the intention to drink the nectar served by Lord Vishnu to become immortal. As he started drinking the nectar, Lord Vishnu realized this and cut off the demon’s head. However, since the demon had already taken the nectar, his head and the body became immortal as two separate entities. These two divisions are considered Rahu, the head, and Ketu, the body.

Ketu -Ketu Mahadasha
Planet Ketu

Ketu Mahadasha Effects

The malefic effects of Ketu Mahadasha are extremely intense derived by the wrong placement of Ketu in the natal chart. It can darken the effects of the Sun that represents the individual’s self. This, in turn, will have negative outcomes in an individual’s various endeavours. If Ketu is associated with planet Mars, the native will develop a violent attitude and will inflict injuries on the self and others. Its combination with the moon encourages a miserable emotional state that can lead to substance abuse.

However, there are various auspicious effects of Ketu if it’s placed in a benevolent house. If aligned correctly in a horoscope, it invites good and auspicious results. When aligned with the Sun or Jupiter, this happens. However, its association with the moon, Venus, or Mercury brings inauspicious results.

Ketu Maha Dasha will lead an individual to moksha or spirituality irrespective of its placement. The effects can be extreme, either too fruitful or too destructive. Ketu Dasha lasts for seven years.

Ketu Prediction - Ketu Mahadasha
Ketu Prediction

Common Ketu Misconceptions

There is a general belief that Ketu Dasha only gives bad results. However, its far from the truth and misleading. Choosing the spiritual path during Ketu Dasha can give desired results and fulfill your wishes. It’s only an opportunity to reconnect with the inner self and the ultimate force of the universe. This is one of the major Ketu Mahadasha Remedies that also has the power to transform the native’s life for the better. The most common remedies include:

  • Offering sweets to orphans and homeless children
  • Avoid wearing clothing and jewellery in red and coral colors
  • Donate monochrome-colored blankets to the homeless and the needy
  • Donate mustard oil to the homeless
  • Offer shelter to street dogs and make sure to feed them
  • Avoid wearing anything in grey color. Choose yellow and white colour for clothes instead

Practicing meditation and Yoga during Ketu Dasha is also an excellent remedy to see through the through times.

The Effects of Rahu-Ketu Combination

There are other possible malefic effects when Rahu and Ketu combine to work together in a native’s birth chart. If placed in unfavorable houses, the effects can be long-lasting and create a serious impact on the life of the individual. The effects of Ketu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha include:

  • Physical ailments are common with the possibility of accidents too
  • Ketu Maha Dasha mental agony and lack of happiness too
  • Obstacles can occur at the workplace and conflict with wicked people is also possible
  • A good effect can include an increase in wealth and property gains
  • Health ailments like overall weakness, cold with fever, stomach problems and others are possible
Ketu mahadasha Rahu antardasha - Ketu Mahadasha
Ketu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha

Mahadasha Calculation

Ketu Mahadasha Calculator helps one to arrive at the exact Mahadasha Antardasha and other important periods influencing an individual’s life. The calculator also provides comprehensive guidelines, educating one about his/her Dasha system and the ruling Lord at birth. Among the 42 different Dasha systems, Vimshottari Dasha is the most popular one. It gives the most accurate results in the simplest way with well-defined 9 divisions of the 120-year cycle.

Rahu Ketu malefic effects - Ketu Mahadasha
Rahu Ketu malefic effects

Results Obtained with Vimshottari Dasha

This method follows the principle of Lagna sign to arrive at accurate results. This is because a planet beneficial for one Lagna can be malefic for other Lagnas. Another significance of Vimshottari Dasha in astrology is to determine the strength of the main Mahadasha Lord or the Antardasha Lord. However, if Mahadasha Lord is strong Vimshottari Dasha helps to determine how it influences the Antardasha Lord and vice versa.