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Mercury Mahadasha: Effects, Antardasha, And Remedies

Mercury Mahadasha With Mars Antardasha

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. We come in a line with Mercury on our errands around the sun. That is the time when it sends it’s powerful energy to Earth and casts the Mercury Mahadasha on earthly lives for 17 years. The vibrations from Mercury are mostly positive but it may have some adverse effects when a Rahu or Ketu dominates it.

Mercury Mahadasha

Mercury is a volatile planet. It signifies intelligence, knowledge, trade and commerce, science and research, mathematics and mental power, etc. Therefore, under Mercury, you will excel in any of these fields. It also sharpens your memory, while a Mercury in a house is not favourable as it can lead to problems in marriage, education, speech or relationship.

Therefore, it can be both malefic and beneficial according to its position and strength in a birth chart.

Benefic Effects Of Mercury Mahadasha

Success and Progress At Work
Success and Progress At Work

The planet Mercury is basically a dual planet. Hence, under the influence of Mercury, you get into dual businesses. However, Mercury showers you with intelligence and wisdom.

  • Success in businesses related to telecommunication, internet, computers, electronic media, radio, television, advertising, mathematics, engineering, writing, sales, and marketing.
  • In addition, financial gains through contacts with big people, various enterprises, friends and family members occur.
  • Excellence in education, speech skills, crafts, besides love for music prevails.
  • Love and respect for teachers, elders and scholars increase.
  • Attaining fame and education may enhance state honour, respect, and valour.
  • Wealth through art and poetry is possible.
  • Residence abroad may happen.
Promotion in Job
Promotion in Job

Result of the malefic Mahadasha of Mercury

If the Mercury is debilitated then you are certainly not going to reap beneficial results. Besides, it can create difficulties in your life if it is afflicted by malefic planets.

  • You will have a loss in terms of money, wealth, career issues, matrimonial problem, skin problem, speech problem.
  • Fear of enemies and those in high places may prevail.
  • Hardships for spouse and children is possible. 
  • Disinterest in studies arises.
  • Obstacles in celebrating festivities, opposition with dear ones and lack of enterprise.
  • Inclination towards sinful deeds and harm to wealth occur.
  • Mental unhappiness as a result of enmity with the family and state, and public criticism. 
  • Eye ailments are possible. 
  • Laziness, physical hardships, loss of appetite, ear problems happens.
  • Possibility of migration or transfer is there.

Effect of the Mercury Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

Business Growth
Business Growth
  1. Interest in arts and crafts, education and knowledge will increase.
  2. Attain beautiful clothes, wealth and worldly comforts.
  3. You may get wealth from friends and Brahmins. 
  4. Every business you undertake will be financially profitable.
  5. Bliss of children, friends and the affection of relatives will empower you.
  6. Learning, happiness, religious deeds increase.
  7. Success in the educational sphere, also the acquisition of name and fame, meeting with high dignitaries.
  8. Distress to wife, and affliction with diseases like rheumatism.

Effect of the Mercury Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

  1. Lack of enthusiasm, depression, and confusion takes place.
  2. Industry and valour suffer.
  3. Physical pain and the loss of wealth is possible.
  4. Conflicts with friends and family due to your anger and temperament occurs.
  5. Fear of enemies and obstacles at work may disappoint you.
  6. Physical fitness, a gain of wealth, income from industries, success in the educational sphere, acquisition of name and fame, honours, may be experienced if Mercury is in a friendly house.
  7. Fall from a conveyance, distress to a son, danger from the government, indulgence in sinful deeds, besides, quarrels with the menials, diseases can be expected. 
  8. Loss of self-belief and confidence. 
  9. Lung disease can happen.
  10.  Lot of hard work will give unsatisfactory results.
  11.  Mental agony due to confrontation with few enemies and unnecessary quarrels.

Effect of the Mercury Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Mercury Mahadasha
Mercury Mahadasha In Birth Chart
  1. Mental depression due to loss of health and wealth.
  2. Conflicts with dear ones, family quarrels will create unrest at home.
  3. Inclination towards untruthful behaviour or corruption.
  4. Defamation due to involvement in frauds and scandals.
  5. Fear of fire poison, theft and murder.
  6. Pain in the abdomen, eyes and head.
  7. Illusion will grip your mind.
  8. Heart disease, loss of reputation and wealth.
  9. Pressure of hard work as a government functionary, loss of position, fears, and imprisonment.
  10. However, good effects like meeting with high dignitaries of the government, visits to sacred shrines, religious activities may take place when Mercury is in a friendly house.


Hence, measures you should take if Mercury conjoins with the negative planets like Rahu or Ketu, or if it is in a debilitated position, are as follows: 

Wear Green Emarald and Yellow Sapphire
Wear Green Emerald and Yellow Sapphire
  1. Wear a Green Emerald of at least 5 carats with gold on Wednesday.
  2. Use four faced Rudraksha.
  3. Feed grass or spinach to the cow on Wednesday.
  4. Keep Budh Yantra either in the Puja place or use it as a pendant.
  5. Lastly, read Vishnu Sahashranam every day.