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Husband Significator: Why Jupiter And Not Mars?

Vedic astrology texts state that Venus signifies the wife in a man’s chart and that Jupiter signifies the husband in a woman’s chart. This leads to the logically valid question that if Venus is the wife why is Mars not the husband? To fully understand this conundrum we have to first understand the cultural practices and attitude towards marriage. We then study the characteristics of the planets and why they have certain significations. 


Jupiter is the most benefic planet. The planet is revered as the significator of wisdom, wealth, happiness, children and knowledge. Jupiter is the significator of all the wholesome good things in life. It signifies a person who has good morals, high spirituality and knowledge and respect for the law. Jupiter is also very auspicious and his good placement in a horoscope is a great blessing. Guru on an average takes one year to transit a Rashi and is one of the most-watched transits even by people who do not know the intricacies of Vedic astrology. Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati or Guru.

Traditional Marriage - Jupiter As Husband
Traditional Marriage – Jupiter As Husband


Mars or Kuja/Chevvai is the red one. It is a fierce and passionate planet. Mars is masculine and the significator of passion, confidence, aggression and all things that require physical prowess. So while Guru is a teacher or minister Mars is the army general. In the positive aspect, Mars is a good athlete, a soldier, a go-getter and an excellent administrator. In the negative aspect, Mars can be over aggressive, violent and have too much sexual desire.

Mars plays a big role in the matching of horoscopes for marriage. Since Mars signifies aggression and uncontrollable sexual urges it needs to be carefully studied in a married couple’s charts. When the passion and aggressive natures of a couple are equally balanced it will lead to harmony and mutual satisfaction. But when there is an imbalance of too much Martian energy in one partner the other will feel overwhelmed. The other partner may also feel that their partner is always too angry or aggressive. This is the basis behind the Kuja/Mangal Dosh concept. This is also why it is recommended that a horoscope with Mangal Dosh should be matched with another Mangal Dosh horoscope. 

Painting Of Venus And Mars - Partnership Based On Desire
Painting Of Venus And Mars – Partnership Based On Desire


Venus/Shukra is the most beautiful morning/evening star. Venus is also a Guru. But while Jupiter is the guru of the Devas or gods, Venus is the guru of the Asuras or demons. Venus is also the bearer of much knowledge and benefits and was given the gift of Sanjeevini Vidya by Lord Shiva. Sanjeevini Vidya can give life back to the dead. Venus is the significator of all the materialistic pleasures and luxuries in life. Shukra signifies beauty, perfume, luxury, beautiful clothes, music, art, love, romance, sex, beautiful homes and luxury vehicles. Venus gives benefits but more of the materialistic type. Venus is feminine while Jupiter is masculine.

Jupiter  Husband Guides The Wife
Jupiter Husband Guides The Wife

Jupiter Vs Mars

The word Karaka in Vedic astrology means significator. In addition to the houses that govern certain areas and people in a person’s life, natural significators also represent the same. So, the 7th house represents the spouse or partner. But Jupiter has the additional signification of being the husband in the chart of a woman. Venus is the significator of wife and Mars of brothers. In ancient texts, Jupiter is the significator of the husband. The question of Mars being the significator is comparatively a more recent debate. This is understood by looking at the cultural context of marriage.

Jupiter And Mars Close Together In The Night sky
Jupiter And Mars Close Together In The Night sky

In traditional ways of life, marriage is the pairing of a couple in order for them to fulfill their Dharmic duty to each other. The husband is the head of the family and the responsibility of making wise decisions lies with him. He is the guide and advisor for the entire family. His wisdom defines the well being of the woman and the family. He maintains the spiritual temperament of the family. In this context marriage is not one that is held together by passion. Marriage is held together by duty and Dharma. The marriage is held together by the religious vows made (9th house). This role of the husband fits the wise Jupiter better than the fierce Mars. So, Jupiter as the Karaka for husband makes absolute sense.

Modern Marriage

When there is a marriage that is as per the wishes and desires of the couple, the roles change. In modern times we call this a love marriage. The husband is the partner or the other half of the wife. They are bound not only by their vows but a mutual devotion and passion for each other. In this context Mars fits the role of husband better than Jupiter. 

Modern Marriage - Mars And Venus Are Equal
Modern Marriage – Mars And Venus Are Equal