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Vishnu Sahasranamam( Slokha 81-84)

Uttarashada Vishnu names from 764-795

Names of Vishnu sahasranamam Slokha 81-84 starting 763 to 795 and can be mapped to the Uttarashada Nakshatra.

Shlokha 81:

763. tejo-vrshah: He Who showers His splendor on His devotees in the form of His protection.

764. dyuti-dharah:  He Who is like a majesty.

765. sarva-Sastra-bhrtam-varah: The Best among those warriors who are armed with all weapons.

766. pragrahah: The Controller.

767. nigrahah: He Who has a firm control over all creation.

768. vyagrah:  He Who has no end. 

769. naika-sr’ngah:  He Who has many rays of effulgence radiating from Him. 

770. gadagrajah: The elder brother of gada 

Shlokha 82:

771. catur-murtih:  He of Four Forms.

772. catur-bahuh: The Four-armed.

773. catur-vyuhah; a) He of the form of four forms

774. catur-gatih: He Who is in the form of the four purusharthas.

775. catur-atma: He Who has four forms in His vyUha incarnation. 

776. catur-bhavah: The Source of the four – varnas, asramas, purursharthas, etc. 

777. catur-veda-vit: He Who is the Knower of the four Vedas. 

778. eka-pat: He Whose manifestation in the form of this Universe is only one-fourth of Himself.

Shlokha 83:

779. samavartah: He Who takes incarnations again and again for the benefit of His devotees.

780. nivrttatma: He whose mind is turned away from worldly attachments.

781. dur-jayah: He Who is Invincible.

782. dur-atikramah:  He Who cannot be bypassed by those who seek relief from samsara

783 dur-labhah: He Who is difficult to attain for those who are not single-minded in their devotion to Him.

784 dur-gamah:
He Who is difficult to attain because of His Effulgence.

785 dur-gah: He Whose realization is constrained by our own limitations. 

786 dur-avasah: He Whose place of residence (SrI vaikunTham) is not easy to attain.

787. durari-ha: The Dispeller of the evil-minded enemies.  

Shlokha 84:

788. Subha’ngah: He with an auspicious form that is meditated upon by His true devotees.

789. loka-sara’ngah: He Who is reachable through the essence (sara) of the vedas, namely pranava. And is the object of devotion (loka-sara).

790. su-tantuh: He Who has expanded this Universe starting from Himself.

791. tantu-vardhanah: He Who augments the expansion of Himself into this world, by protecting it.

792. indra-karma: He Who is responsible for the powers of indra.

793. mahA-karma: He of magnanimous actions.

794. krta-karma: One Who has achieved all there is to achieve.

795. Krtagamah: The Propounder of spiritual texts.