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Vishnu Sahasranama(Shlokha21-24)

Shlokhas 21-24 of Vishnu Sahasranamam

Names of the Lord starting from 191 to 229 out of 1000 names of Vishnu Sahasranama. These names can be mapped to the Ardra Nakshatra which is lorded by Sri Rudra or Lord Shiva.

Chanting the below mentioned names of the god is considered good if the Moon of a Native is in Ardra Nakshatra.

Shlokha 21:

191. Maricih: Ray of light. 

192. Damanah: One who directs in correct path

193. Hamsah: One who is like the swan.

194. Suparnah: One possessed of charming feathers

195. Bhujagottamah: The Master of the Serpent AdiSesha.

196. Hiranya-nabhah: One who supports in His navel the creator, hiranyagarbha.

197. Sutapah: One who is possessed of supreme knowledge.

198. Padmanabhah: One who has the lotus emanating from his navel

199. Prajapatih: The Lord of beings.

Shlokha 22:

200. amrityuh: One who is beyond death or decay.

201. sarvadrik: One who can see-everyting.

202. simhah: One who is The Lion

203. sandhata: One who unites His devotees with Him and responsible for fruits of their actions.

204. sandhiman: One who is always united with His devotees.

205. sthirah: One who is firm in His relation to His devotees.

206. ajah: One who is Unborn

207. durmarshanah: The Unassailable.

208. sasta: The Teacher.

209. visrutatma: One whose Atma is of a special Nature.

210. surari-ha: The slayer of the enemies of the gods.

Shlokha 23:

211. gurur-guru-tamah: One who is the foremost among the preceptors.

212.  dhama: One who is The Abode of all desired things.

213. satyah: One who is The Truth.

214. satya-parakramah: One who is of great valor.

215. nimishah: One whose eyes are closed.

216. animishah: One with eyes closed.

217. sragvi: Adorned with the garland.

218. vacaspatih: The Lord of Speech.

219. udara-dhih: One with vast knowledge.

Shlokha 24:

220. agranih: One who leads forward.

221. gramanih: Leader of the demi-gods.

222. sriman: one who is The Lord of Mahalakshmi.

223. nyayah: One who is The Just.

224. neta: One who fulfills the requests of His devotees.

225. samiranah: One who controls all movements in beings.

226. sahasra-murdha: One who is the thousand-headed.

227. visvatma: One who is the very soul of the Universe.

228. sahasra-akshah: One who is the thousand-eyed.

229. sahasra-pat: The thousand-footed.