Vishnu Sahasranamam first 36 names.
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Vishnu Sahasranama(Shlokha1-4)

Vishnu Sahasranama

Sahasranama: (1000 names of Vishnu)  – The first 4 Shlokhas comprising of 1-36 names of Vishnu can be chanted by a person with Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Shlokha 1:

1: Vishvam: He who is the Universe, reason for Universe, the entire being.

2. Vishnu: He who is All Pervading, Omnipresent, Remover of darkness

3: Vashatkara: One who controls and directs

4: Bhuta-Bhavya-Bhavat-Prabhu: Lord of past, present and the future.

5: Bhuta-Krit: Creator of all beings.

6: Bhuta-Bhrt: The sustainer of all beings.

7: Bhavah: He who exists with all the splendor and independent of anything else.

8: Bhutatma: The Atma or soul of all beings

9: Bhuta-bhavanah: One who nourishes and nurtures all beings.

 Shlokha 2:

10: Putatma: One who has a pure Atma.

11: Paramatma: The Supreme Soul.

12: Muktanam Parama Gatih: One who is the ultimate goal for all Souls

13: Avyayah: He who is Indestructible and who gives moksha

14: Purushah: One who existed before anything else, one who completes existence.

15: Sakshi: One who directly witnesses everything. 

16: Kshetrajnah: One who can direct to the place to reach supreme bliss.

17: Akshara: One whose greatness never diminishes.

Shlokha 3: 

18. Yogah: One who alone is the definite and unobstructed means to salvation.

19.  Yogavitam neta: One who leads those who practice yoga until they reach their Goal.

20.  Pradhana Purusha Isvarah: One who is the Lord of Primordial Matter as well as the Jivas.

21.  Narasimha Vapuh: One who possesses a body of man and lion combined. 

22.  Sriman: One with a lovely form.

23.  Kesavah: One with lovely locks of hair.

24.  Purushottamah: The Supreme amongst the Purushas

 Shlokha 4:

25. Sarvah: One who is all

26. Sharvah: The Remover of all sins.

27. Shivah:One who confers auspiciousness.

28. Sthanuh: One who is gives blessing to the devotees.

29: Bhutadih: Source of the Pancha Bhoota.

30. Nidhiravyayah: One who is the never ending treasure.

31. Sambhavah: One who manifests in any form to those who sincerely seek Him.

32. Bhavanah: One who regenerates all

33. Bharta: One who supports all

34. Prabhavah: One whose birth is of a sublime nature.

35. Prabhuh: who is all powerful.

36. Isvarah: One who has the supreme power of control 

Names and Meanings of Vishnu Sahasranamam.