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Upachayas: Features, Effects, Facts & More!

Upchayas in 12 Bhavas of Birth Chart

If you want to understand why birth charts or horoscopes are so important for people in India, you will have to understand the value attached to each and every feature of the birth chart. A Vedic horoscope has the ability to represent your whole life in front of you like a map. Each house of the birth chart like Upachayas, Kendras, Dustana, and Trikona have their specific effects on human life on earth. Moreover, Upachayas that includes third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses of a Janam Kundli are responsible for our ability to generate wealth during our lifetime.

Upachaya Houses

Upachayas or The House Of Constant Effort
Upachayas or The House Of Constant Effort

Upachaya means ‘growth’, and these houses grow with time. Upachaya houses are 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th. Upachaya houses always improve their results with time. The feature of theses houses are:

Third house

Siblings, willpower, courage, initiative, self-efforts, business ideas, short courses, intellectual projects, communications, writing, and communicative capability

Sixth house

Competitions, health, financial liabilities, enemies, competitors, maternal uncles, service, employees,  diseases, obstacles, and litigation.

Tenth house

Social status, career, livelihood, bosses, promotion, name and  fame, honour, rulers, and ambition

Eleventh house

Income, rewards, earnings, friendships, collective projects, long-term associations,  children, wishes, and gains

Upchaya Effects Increases After the Mid ’30s 

Upachayas Position in The Birth Chart
Upachayas Position in The Birth Chart

The features of all houses under Upachayas deal with factors that need constant attention and effort. If you deviate and do not work on these areas constantly, results won’t be as per your wishes. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The third house deals with business, self-effort, communication, intellect. These things don’t develop in one day or a month. It needs constant efforts over a long period of time to achieve success in any of these fields. Therefore, from the early ’20s to the mid-’30s, you get enough opportunities to polish your talents. This talent matures with age and reaches its optimum during your ‘30s. Therefore, you get your limelight after the mid-‘30s.

Sixth And Eleventh House

The sixth house deals with enemies, diseases, obstacles, and competition. You will obviously admit that if you get opportunities then you will also have to face competitors. At the workplace, society, neighbourhood, or wherever, you will face people who oppose you. They will criticize you and even spread negativity around you. Hence, you will have to always be alert and take measures to keep them at bay. These efforts will mature with age and turn more diplomatic. Hence, you will achieve better results at work after your mid-‘30s.

The tenth house deals with career, name, fame, honor and social status. The eleventh house takes care of matters like income, earnings, and other financial gains. Similar to the third and sixth houses, these two houses also have the capacity to give better results with age and maturity, depending on your efforts. Your name and fame are directly proportional to your income. If you continuously work hard in your field, gradually you will get name and fame. And as you become famous your earnings are certainly going to increase. 

Facts About Upachaya House

Let’s look at some facts about Upachayas:

Upachays in The Rashi Wheel
Upachays in The Rashi Wheel
  1. The negative part about Upachays is that all the planets give some difficult time in this house but this time passes. Moreover, this house becomes stronger with time. 
  2. The good planets never give good results in Upachays. This may sound disheartening. Though, these results may not be according to your will but might turn out fruitful in the long run. 
  3. Upachayas works on the theme of “Consistent Long Time Efforts”. Therefore, Saturn or Mars always remain in one of the karakas of Upachayas because these two planets help in putting consistent efforts for a long period. 
  4. 10th house is the most powerful in all four Upachayas. 

Upachayas is the reason why many film stars, writers, poets, and businessmen taste success during their mid – ‘30s. But then there are cases like Sachin Tendulkar and Sania Mirza who enjoyed fame early in life. One explanation can be that they started their efforts early in life too. The fact is, a birth chart has 12 houses and our planets are constantly moving from one house to the other.  Besides the four Upachayas, there are eight other houses. If a planet like Rahu or Sun is in a rising position in any of the fame and success giving houses in your chart, then nothing can limit your flight.