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Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs – Their Characteristics and Effect

In Western Astrology, Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs are part of the band of constellations. These constellations are groups of stars forming a specific pattern. This is the band through which the celestial bodies of the solar system journey across the sky. Every pattern has a specific significance distinct from others, and each pattern also represents a mythological figure. Talking about Zodiac signs, it’s important to note these twelve signs consider only the sun’s position at birth. Hence, it’s also called Sun Sign Astrology. The ruling planet for each sign was determined by early astrologers observing the energies and also the qualities of planets and Zodiac Signs.

Classification of Zodiac Signs

The classification of Zodiac signs into specific groups considers their characteristics and the results they give. It also depends on the way they affect individuals depending on the ruling planet. The most common and well-known classification is the classification into four elements; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Another popular classification is the modality and duality. Nature, gender, direction and behaviour are other aspects used to categorize Zodiac signs. However, here we’ll specifically discuss Movable and Fixed Signs in Astrology, one of the most important classifications of the Zodiac, giving significant information critical to use in other aspects and divisions of astrology. This classification brings the peculiarities of each Zodiac sign ruled by the corresponding planet/s to understand human actions better. Another important aspect of the classification is the group of mutable signs in modern astrology.

Zodiac Degrees Dates Names - movable and fixed zodiac signs
Zodiac – Degrees Dates Names

Gunas in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Guna, a Sanskrit word, means a virtue, a quality, a peculiarity, an attribute or anything that describes the character of an individual. But, why Gunas to study the Zodiac signs? The Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs category is based on the lines of the Gunas, namely:

  • Sattva representing goodness, constructive and harmonious attitude
  • Rajas describing the passionate, active or confused mindset
  • Tamas standing for darkness, destructive and chaotic aspects

With the above information, let’s move ahead to study the classification of the Zodiac signs, also popular as Sun signs as per Western Astrology.

Ruling Planet of Each Zodiac Sign

Every sun sign in astrology is affiliated with a specific planet that is considered its ruler. The ruling planet of a sign means the planet’s energies and its characteristics are the prime influences the sign. Any house of a sign in a cusp will also be directly affected by the sign’s ruling planet. Certain planets rule only one sign, while others rule two signs. Every ruling planet adds a distinct dimension to that particular Zodiac sign’s qualities. Check out the list of Zodiac signs and their ruling planets:

ScorpioMars & Pluto
PiscesNeptune & Jupiter

Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs – An Introduction

Talking about the flexibility of signs and their distinct ways to approach a given situation, we can categorize the signs into three types considered the mode of operation. The three types give a clear picture of how individuals under a specific sign ruled by a specific planet approach life and perform their duties and also complete tasks.

The Movable Signs of the Zodiac

Constellations in the Sky - movable and fixed zodiac signs
Constellations in the Sky

Popular as cardinal signs, these signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn. Natives under these signs are by nature enterprising and outgoing. They are also easily adaptable to different situations and initiate change. They encourage change and actually make things happen rather than wait for a particular time to take action. However, a major drawback of these signs is they get easily dissatisfied, restless and become overactive.

Aries is ruled by Mars and displays independence, courage and excitement and is action-oriented living life right now.

Cancer, ruled by the moon, is very inquisitive, nervous and restless. It represents industrious nature and gets things done naturally.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is vindictive by nature with a can-do and positive attitude. They are quick-witted in making decisions and also cast their influence with high spirits.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is known to be generous and understanding. These individuals are also capable of adapting to the circumstances effortlessly. Secretive and vindictive are their natural characteristics.

Putting things briefly, all four signs are impulsive by nature and are always ready to conquer. They do it actively and also passively and the thrill of victory always keeps them in the loop.

Fixed Zodiac Signs

The static signs of the Zodiac, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius, maintain the focus to achieve their target with unwavering determination. They are practical by nature and will form an opinion with a firm decision that is unlikely to change. The major setbacks are resistance to change and extremely stubborn. These Fixed Astrology Signs also take a significant amount of time to arrive at a decision.

Unlike the movable signs that actually run the show, the fixed zodiac signs prefer being the boss and owning things. They are unyielding in their opinions, enjoying a fixed position.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is stubborn and firm in making and standing by their decisions. These natives are the most fixed among the other fixed signs. They are also very sensual and money-oriented.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, believes in only the best. The natives are outgoing, loud and also playful at times, achieving their tasks with complete determination.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a mysterious and secretive sign. The tendency to find secrets about others’ lives while maintaining their secret side is their most weird quality. Jealousy, resentful attitude and loads of vengeance are the negative traits of Scorpios.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is also the most unconventional sign of the Zodiac with an uncharacteristic outlook towards life and are ultra-modern. They are the masterminds in the Zodiac with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

Though they take a substantial amount of time to start, they will never stop to achieve what they want. They love everything to move around them while observing them from their fixed positions.

Astrophotos of the constellations - movable and fixed zodiac signs
Astrophotos of twelve Zodiac constellations

Special Features of the Fixed Signs of Zodiac

An outstanding quality of these fixed sun signs is the enormous amount of persistence they display in the face of pressure. These signs also have the resistance needed to keep going towards their goals against all odds. This rare quality enables them to see things closely with attention to detail.

They have loads of patience to dig in their heels and wait for what they really want. Time doesn’t matter to them as long as the can get what they want. They strongly believe in sticking to a fixed routine and find solace and deep satisfaction in following a conventional and traditional method of doing things.

These are also the Zodiac’s sexiest signs with loads of sensuality.

The unique role of Fixed Astrology Signs is to maintain tradition, defend positions while ensuring values, devotion and loyalty remain untouched. They also bring the much-needed balance in a world ruled by uncertainty and rapid changes.

The Third Category of Flexibility of Sun Signs

Deviating a little from the primary topic of Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs category, there is yet another category of Zodiac signs defining their degree of flexibility.

The mutable or common signs of the Zodiac is the third category representing dual personalities. This means these signs display the qualities and traits of both movable and fixed Zodiac signs. They are Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius and Pisces with an inclination to adapt themselves effortlessly to current situations. Hence, with versatility and flexibility, they create a fine balance between fixed and movable signs.

Mutable signs will compromise wherever required and will go along smoothly as long as the situation is favourable and interesting. However, they can be fluctuating and inconsistent every now and then.

Zodiac Symbols - movable and fixed zodiac signs
Zodiac Symbols

All four mutable signs show deep interest and aim towards learning, are intellectual and are always open to new ideas. They are adepted to multitas with the rare ability to explore several options at the same time. They also make great philosophers and are excellent communicators.

These individuals also possess the rare quality to do multiple tasks at the same time without compromising on quality.

The Takeaway

After thorough scrutiny of the Zodiac Signs with their characteristic classifications depending on the degree of flexibility, one can determine the native’s ability and the inclination to take action. The comprehensive information available on Movable and Fixed Zodiac Signs helps conceptualize the importance of every distinct quality and the innate ability to perform varied tasks during different stages of life.

Adding the information on mutable sun signs to the study, you can conclude whether you are a starter, a doer or a finisher. Every character has an equal and critical role to play under the sun to achieve success and derive satisfaction.

More often than not, every task in the world requires teamwork and the classification of the Zodiac on approaching life in distinct ways reaffirms this fact. It is one of the primary factors in studying Astrology deciding the overall development of an individual on a personal and professional front.