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Jewish Views On Astrology: Birth Chart, Astrological Signs And More!

Jewish Views on Astrology Are Molded By God's Words For Abraham

Do you know that Jewish astrology was born almost 2000 years ago, just after the Latin astrology? Despite this, it is the most understated form of astrology because Jewish views on astrology were never very supportive. Jewish rabbis believed astrology is not for Israel and prohibited it on most occasions. It has been the bone of contention for thousand of years between rabbis and practitioners of Jewish astrology. Though the Jewish church, to a great extent, believes in the “ free will” of the people and that nothing can supersede worship and prayers, the Torah does have hints of ‘mazalot’ meaning constellations. Though this, Jewish views on astrology have undergone a huge change in modern times.

Jewish Astrology In 21st Century

In an era, where youngsters are curious to know about themselves in order to understand the world around them, they resort to astrology like never before. And the case in Israel is not different. Jewish Kabbalah astrology, the name given to the Jewish astrology has become an important source of self-knowledge. It provides a scientific explanation of how a soul chooses the time to manifests itself on earth. It reveals your sole purpose of being on earth and the talents through which you are going to attain it.

Jewish Astrology Birth Chart from 18th century
Jewish Birth Chart from 18th century

The one reason, in my opinion, for the change in Jewish views on astrology, is because of the way astrology has helped people overcome challenges and obstacles in the way of their progress and growth. No more astrology is seen as soothsaying, divination or fortune-telling. It has become a logical explanation of the facts through calculations and permutations and given up the art of pondering at night sky.

Astrology Signs

Jewish astrology signs are equivalent of Latin zodiac signs with Hebrew names. The characteristic traits mentioned under each sign is similar to the Latin zodiac definition. The Hebrew names for Jewish astrology signs are:

  • Nissan for Aries
  • Iyar for Taurus
  • Sivan for Gemini
  • Tammuz for Cancer
  • Av for Leo
  • Elul for Virgo
  • Tishrei for Libra
  • Cheshvan for Scorpio
  • Kislev for Sagittarius
  • Tevet for  Capricorn
  • Shevat for  Aquarius
  • Adar for Pisces
Jewish Astrology Signs
Mystic Jewish Sun Signs

According to the Jewish views on astrology, the Rabbis of the Second Temple taught that astrology does not apply to Jewish People. This doctrine is based on spiritual law. This law states that each person chooses the most appropriate time and place of birth so that they can achieve their Tikune(Correction)  in this lifetime. The astrological influences affect each and every human being and help them to attain situations and conditions that can be used to achieve his or her Tikune. But when astrological judgments are pessimistic and are not supportive of our potentials, then you can use the Kabbalistic tool called Restriction and rise above the influence of these Astrological influences.

Judaism claims that by rising above the Astrological influence you can challenge your constellations and you have the ability to change the movie of your Life’s Karma. An example of this is the story of Abraham who had a son called Isaac, even though astrology claimed otherwise.

You can find your Tikune by calculating your birth date and day.  It varies for people born on different months and days of Jewish Calendar.

Birth Chart

Evil Eye Part of Jewish Astrology
Jewish Evil Eye

Jewish Astrology  Birth Chart is explained in the form of a Tree of life. According to Jewish astrology, the Tree of Life is a diagram that has 10 nodes which are usually connected with 22 lines. These 10 nodes talk about the 10 attributes or sephirot through which the Supreme Being manifests himself. Besides, the 10 visible sephirot, there is one which is invisible. 

  1. Malkhuth
  2. Yesod
  3. Netzach
  4. Hod
  5. Tiphereth
  6. Gevurah
  7. Chesed
  8. Binah
  9. Hokmah
  10. Keter

The invisible sphere is Da’at. Each of these spheres is also ruled over by a particular guardian angel.

The Kabbalah birth chart explains your character and traits from the tome you breathed your first till your last. It shows how you enter different spheres of your life and observed Trikune or Correction in your traits in each sphere. Besides, there had been a guiding angel with you at every stage of your life. Additionally, the horoscope shows where are you at the present in your tree of life.

Degrees of Character Intensity in Jewish Astrology

The Tree of Life in Jewish Astrology
10 Sephirot of Jewish Tree of Life

Jewish astrology ascendant decides the degree of intensity of a person’s character according to Kabbalah. The rising sun in a horoscope shows that a tendency is going to be strong, medium or weak in a person. For example, arrogance will be strong in a rising Aries horoscope, medium in a Cancer-Capricorn horoscope and weak in Taurus when the sun is descending towards Gemini. 

The growing popularity of Kabbalah astrology around the world, though on gradual pace is the proof of  Jewish astrology compatibility.