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Kabbalistic Astrology: Natal Charts, Zodiac Signs, And More!

If you are the one who believes that there are only two forms of astrology existing in this world, one based on the Gregorian solar calendar and the other one based on the Indian lunisolar calendar, then you will be surprised to know about Kabbalistic astrology. It is one of the most ancient forms of astrology being followed for thousands of years. Kabbalistic astrology has its origins in Jewish knowledge of Mazal. Kabbalistic astrology provides a logical or scientific understanding of God.

Kabbalah and Astrology

Jewish from ages has prohibited astrology. They believe it as a means to understand the blessing s of God and not God itself.  A number of rabbis during the medieval era, kept themselves away from astrology, like Rabbi Akica and Jose of Hutzel. They believed that there cannot be any “ mazal” or constellation for Israel. Torah was above stars and constellations. Instead, there had been mention of” mazalot” in some parts of Talmud.

Kabbalistic Astrology chart
Kabbalah Birth Chart

Jewish rabbis claimed that though stars and constellation determine the fate and inner characteristics of a person, a person has the power to change his fate with utmost dedication to God. 

In spite of a number of roadblocks, Kabbalah astrology has successfully garnered respect for its detailed explanation of the dependence of one’s character, and his earthly life on the date and day of his/her birth. The eminent Kabbalah astrologer Ruth Nachmias can reveal the deepest secrets of your soul through a scientific study of your date of birth and the planets and constellations at the time of your birth. In addition, she talks about your past lives, who you are now and your greatest challenges on the earth which will ultimately lead to the realization of your true potentials. Through kabbalah, she can simply create a road map for you which leads to your final destination. A destination that justifies the constellation formations that the soul chooses while entering the earth.

What Does Soul Entering The Earth Refers To?

Kabbalah astrology is based on the premise that nothing in nature happens coincidentally, not even your birth.  Additionally, the time of your birth is a conscious decision made by your soul. It is based on the timings and positions of stars and planet conducive for an individual’s success and goal achievement. Moreover, every individual has his own set of gifts from God as well as specific challenges. Hence, no two people can share the same attributes to conquer their challenges. Therefore, each individual has to utilize their own boon or gifts to overcome obstacles in their path.

Tree of Life in Kabbalistic Astrology
Kabbalah Tree of Life

Kabbalistic Astrology Chart

This tenet of kabbalah astrology is exhibited in its astrological chart. A kabbalah astrology chart talks of 10 visible and one invisible sphere or sephiroth. The ten spheres are:

  1. Malkuth
  2. Yesod
  3. Netzach
  4. Hod
  5. Tiphereth
  6. Gevurah
  7. Chesed
  8. Binah
  9. Chokmah
  10. Keter
  11. The invisible sephiroth or Da’at

Besides, each of these ten spheres is ruled over by a particular guardian angel who retrospectively affects the lifestyle of the natives falling within the purview of those astrological spheres as per their natal details.

Kabbalistic Astrology birth chart is represented in the form of Tree of Life. It clearly reflects an astrological mapping of the solar system with the position of planets and stars. Besides, the Tree of life depicts the journey of the soul through the past to the present and what is the purpose of it on the earth.

Kabbalistic Astrology Reading

You can get your Kabbalistic Reading in the isolation of your home or in the counselling room of an astrologer.  Online, it has become a popular means to know about your soul and inner traits. In addition, kabbalah astrology has a different set of names for the 12 zodiac signs. They are :

Kabbalah Month Name in Kabbalah Astrology
Kabbalah Names of Months
  • Nissan for Aries
  • Iyar for Taurus
  • Sivan for Gemini
  • Tammuz for Cancer
  • Av for Leo
  • Elul for Virgo
  • Tishrei for Libra
  • Cheshvan for Scorpio
  • Kislev for Sagittarius
  • Tevet for  Capricorn
  • Shevat for  Aquarius
  • Adar for Pisces

On the other hand, the Hebrew Mazal or the constellation formation is similar to that of Latin Zodiac signs. 

Eliana Rudee, a reporter from Breaking Israel News shares easy steps of reading a birth chart in Kabalistic astrology. 

These easy steps are:

 No. 1, To note down your date of birth 

Kabbalah Month Chart And Description
Kabbalah Month Chart And Description

No. 2, To note the day of the week you were born and his special privileges, as mentioned on

No. 3, Take out your Kabbalah horoscope on the basis of your birth details. 

You can try reading your Kabbalah horoscope on websites like, In addition, they will give you some interesting facts about yourselves, which would help you know yourself better. According to Kabbalah knowing yourself is a weapon to win over roadblocks on earth.