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What Your Natal Chart Says – Astrology and Property Purchase

Curious about astrology and property purchase? Here is a basic look at the aspects in your natal chart to guide you in your house purchase decisions.

Astrology – Property Purchase

Birth Chart - Astrology and  property purchase
The Fourth House in Your Natal Chart denotes property ownership prospects

Your Lagna, its Lord, and the Lord of the fourth house are all vital factors to consider while making a decision about a property purchase. Grahas like Moon, Venus, and Jupiter also play an important role.

In Your Natal Chart

The Fourth House in your natal chart represents your home, the place you reside in. The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra defines the importance of this house in relation to the acquisition of immovable assets. 

Among planets, Mars is the natural significator for land, and Saturn comes next. Venus signifies a lovely house.

Other Influencers in Astrology for Property Purchase

  • The First House in your natal chart represents your identity, your attitudes, etc. You will choose a house that fits your personality, your views
  • The Second House signifies your savings, your wealth. If you want to buy a house, you should have a good amount saved or invested.
  • The Fourth House, of course, represents your place of residence
  • The Eleventh house denotes income and gain. This will help you determine when you will have enough income to justify a house purchase

Astrology Property Purchase – The Age When You Will Buy a House

Mangal, the Mars Deity
Mangal or Angaraka (Mars) is the main planet governing house or land ownership
  • Sun and Mars are planets that enable you to buy a house in your middle age
  • Jupiter can help you own a house in your early thirties, while Mercury ensures you buy a house in your mid-thirties
  • Saturn and Ketu together may help you buy a house after the age of 44 or 52 years
  • Moon, by itself, or Venus and Rahu together can help you buy a house early in life

Astrology Property Predictions

  • The best time to buy a house – When the Lord of the Fourth House is in the Fourth House, and the Lord of the Ascendant is also there while being aspected by a beneficial planet
  • If the Lord of the Tenth House and the Lord of the Fourth House form a trine or a quadrant, you will live like  a king in a house with a boundary wall
  • When the ruler of the fourth house has  a beneficial connection with the ruler of the ninth house, you may inherit your father’s property
  • If the Lord of the Fourth House is well placed in the second house (eleventh house after the fourth), you may inherit property from your maternal family
  • When the fourth house ruler is strong and benefic in the seventh house, you may acquire a house or land after marriage
  • The Mahadasha or the Bukhti of the ruler of the fourth house is a favorable period for buying property
  • When the Lord of the Fifth House is in conjunction with or is aspected by the rulers of the second and eleventh houses, you may sell your property and get a high price for it
  • Planets that are in exalted positions in the fourth house ensure you will own multiple houses or other immovable assets

Astrology Property Purchase – The Effects of Particular Planets in the Fourth House

  • While Mars is a prime significator for land or house ownership, according to astrology for property purchase, its presence in the fourth house may make your house very susceptible to fire
  • Moon in the fourth house increases your chances of buying a home
  • Sun and Ketu will give you a weak hose while Jupiter in the fourth house ensures a strong, impregnable home
  • Sun in the fourth house may indicate you will own a straw hut
  • If the fourth house is inhabited by Rahu or Saturn, you will get an old house
  • Venus or Mercury will ensure you get a beautiful house
  • If the planets present in the fourth house are exalted or if Moon and Venus come together in the fourth house, you will own a multistoried house
Venus or Shukra
Shukra or Venus in the fourth house gives you a beautiful house

Astrology and Property – Times You May Face Problems Related to Property

Some astrological factors may indicate a loss of property. These negative factors include:

  • The ruler of the fourth house is in the third house, along with some other related planetary positions
  • Malefic planets aspects the fourth house
  • In case the Lord of the Fourth House is in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, in a way that affects the Lord of the Lagna
  • This may also happen if the Fourth House Lord is weak and is conjunct with the Sun

Thus, astrology can help you decide when to buy a house and what kind of house you may get. Consult an astrologer before you make your land or house buying decisions. These are big investments. With astrology, property purchase decisions become easier to make.