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Leading Natal Chart Trends in 2019 and Their Significance in Astrology

A synastry chart

A natal chart is an astrological chart giving a snapshot of the elements of the sky during birth. To elaborate, it’s a chart that represents the positions of celestial bodies and other aspects of astrology during an individual’s birth. Horoscope is a popular term people use while referring to their birth chart. The charts also represent the importance of astrological angles that play an important role during the native’s lifespan.

Why Natal Charts?

A birth chart gives indications about the native’s personality, lifestyle habits, hidden desires and other detailed information that can influence his/her destiny. It’s a very effective way to discover the individual’s emotions and ambitions and also learn the aspects that drive their purpose in life. Natal charts are the prime source of divination using supernatural aspects to discover future events.

The year 2019 has been one of the most significant years, where some of the most famous natal chart trends came handy. Check these:

Synastry Chart

It’s the chart of astrology and relationships astrologers incorporate to check compatibility issues. Rather than concentrating only on Sun signs, there are several factors to consider the depth of relationships. The Sun sign, Moon sign, the rising planet and other planets come into play while analysing the compatibility between two people. The chart determines the quality of relationship between two individuals including their strengths and weaknesses.

The moon rules an individual’s emotions and how he/she responds in a given situation. This is an important factor in love & relationships. The planet Venus determines the native’s love nature and the type of partner he/she attracts. Planet Mars is about sex drive and strongly influences sexual compatibility between between two people.

The Sun and the Ascendent too play pivotal roles here. The Sun determines the core personality of an individual through the Sun sign. The ascendent determines the person’s outer personality.

A synastry chart
A synastry chart

Solar Return Chart

This is another important astrological chart that astrologers incorporate annually to predict the year ahead. It comes into play within a couple of days from the native’s birthday following the Sun’s return to its natal position.

Remember, your natal chart never changes. However, there is the solar return chart that helps make short-term predictions depending on the Sun’s position. At the exact time of your birth annually, the Sun returns to the position where it originally was during your birth. This chart helps make accurate predictions and assess what’s in store for the following year. A Solar Return chart is a way to reinvent yourself for the next 12 months.

A solar return chart
A solar return chart

Planetary Transit Chart

Planets and other celestial objects are in constant motion, creating various aspects with every movement. Every movement is called a transit that shows how it influences an individual. The chart helps understand the situation you are in and where it will lead you to. It’s also a chart that will give timely advice and instruct what to do and not to do in a specific situation. In fact, transits of planets are the main aspects astrologers us to make accurate predictions.

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon

Seeing a full scale shroud of either the Sun or the Moon moves us inwardly. These thrilling events in like manner move us, really, by driving us forward, especially if they arrive at critical concentrations in first experience with the birth outlines.

Eclipses twist time, helping us associate with both the past and what’s to come. At these occasions, we see all the more obviously what we have to discharge and what we have to profess to make a superior future. In each pair of obscurations, we for the most part experience a sunlight based shroud and a lunar overshadowing. Now and then, rather than a couple, we experience a trio of Eclipses inside only half a month.

Lunar eclipse guides us to the past and how it identifies with the present. Regularly, something closes at a lunar shroud. Sunlight based obscurations direct us to the future, opening an entryway so we can push forward, regularly rapidly and drastically.

A solar eclipse
A solar eclipse

The Moon and its Phases, Moods and Actions

The Moon is the closest planetary body to Earth, and its movements associated with us influence life on our planet. On the material plane, the Moon’s energies influence anything fluid. We see this most drastically in the Moon’s impact on the tides.

On the internal plane, the Moon discloses to us what we most need to have a sense of security and agreeable, as we do when we feel very much mothered. In this regard, it manages our states of mind.

The phase of the moon
The phase of the moon

Likewise, its stages fill in as a month to month time attendant. At another Moon, the lunar cycle is spic and span and loaded up with vitality for development. That is the best time to start something. At the full Moon, ventures we started at the new Moon come to development, and by its light we understand what we really have made. As the Moon melts away throughout the following 10 days, its light develops dimmer and our outward activity diminishes, as we’re intended to go internal to ponder what we’ve achieved since the last New Moon.