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Choosing Your Career by Astrology – What You Need to Know?

History of astrology

Your horoscope affects your career profoundly as much as it defines your characteristics. Queries about the prospects of a career and the degree of success are the most common queries astrologers hear. Choosing a career by astrology involves taking several aspects of astrological factors into account. It is defined by the individual’s time of birth and planetary positions in conjunction with others.

Choosing a Career Through Vedic Astrology

Choosing a specific career and Vedic astrology go hand in hand. Your horoscope at the time of your birth is the blueprint of your entire life. A Vedic astrologer can use this horoscope as a guide to predict your strong areas. He can use this guide to study the placement of planets and the impact each planet has on your career prospects.

The astrologer can also read between the lines and highlight your hidden talents. He can almost clearly see the weaknesses and considers all factors to help you leverage on your characteristics. You may put all your efforts and plan for a specific career. However, you often end up in a completely different domain altogether.

Astrological Chart for choosing your career by astrology
Astrological Chart

The Role of the 10th House in Choosing Your Career by Astrology

When it comes to career and astrology, the 10th house in your natal chart rules your professional life. It points to career opportunities and helps a Vedic astrologer to suggest a lucrative profession for you. It’s cusp, called Mid Heaven or Medium Coeli, shows the highest point that influences your career goals and aspirations. It shows how you present yourself in society to earn your livelihood and reputation.

10 houses in astrology with 10th house for choosing your career by astrology
10 houses in astrology with 10th house for career

The D-10 Chart and an Individual’s Obsession

The Dasamsa Chart exposes the 10th house and probes deep into the details regarding a native’s profession. But, it’s still not enough as the 10th house shows only 20% of the career picture. Your passion and obsession predicted in the main chart combine with the divisional chart to determine your career. Different divisional charts represent each sector of your life and, the D-10 chart is for depicting your career.

Along with this chart, the placement and the sign Rahu resides in your birth chart points to a particular profession. Rahu is the signifying factor of your passion in life. The choice of your career through astrology yet again depends on all the houses with planetary combinations. In other words, the planets in conjunction with or that transit across MidHeaven define your birth and transit charts.

The D10 chart for choosing your career by astrology
The D10 chart to predict career

Ruling Elements and Their Influence on Your Career

The twelve Zodiac signs and their ruling element in conjunction with the 10th house signify your career by astrology. Their characteristics also influence the career astrology prediction to a considerable extent. These are:

The ruling element water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

These natives are tuned heavily into the emotional aspects with the rare ability to absorb vibes from others. These natives need to work harder to succeed, and their career is mostly related to fluids. They can excel in dairy farming, shipping, bottled drinks and breweries, to name a few.

The ruling element air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)

They are intelligent beings with creative thinking power and will excel in professions related to intellect. Combined with flexibility, these natives experience life through different perspectives. They have the tendency to excel in journalism, philosophy, writing and legal professions.

The ruling element fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

These individuals usually exist in a suppressed state before bursting with enthusiasm. They usually look for things that can light them up. A career in engineering or steel and iron industries is perfect for these natives. They will also excel in professions related to the combustion industry.

The ruling element earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

These individuals are drawn towards reality and are extremely grounded. It’s a perfect combination that makes them very efficient and productive. They are capable of giving solid results and can become a workaholic. Their practical nature sees them excelling in fields related to the land like construction, real estate, agriculture and mining.

A combination of the D-chart with the main birth chart and also the ruling planets of the Zodiac give you your career astrology report.

The Effect of Saturn

Planet Saturn plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s career and professional advancement. Career problems astrology point to Saturn’s placement in your natal chart that can cause adversities and serious concern.

Saturn to choose career by astrology
Saturn during Equinox

Career growth astrology sees difficult times if Saturn is in the 8th house. The career path astrology is worst when Saturn transits over the 8th house that can cause humiliation from the management and colleagues.

However, Saturn is also a great teacher who causes delays and gives difficulties to make you a better person. These difficulties are a way of repaying and realising the mistakes done in the past. This means Saturn can also give back all the good things if you are righteous.